Tips To Improve Your Blogging Photos ~ Nothing Too Serious!


Rarely do you see a blog post without at least 1 image / photo.

Some of these photos are out of this world amazing, others could be made out of this world amazing with just a few teeny tiny tweaks.


You don’t need to edit your photos, I’m sure they are just perfectly lovely, but a tweak here and crop there can make a huge difference to a photo.

My go to place for editing photos is PicMonkey, there isn’t much you can’t do to a photo using their tools.

Sometimes you just want a quick tweak.

phases of ahren photo

Other times you want to add a little pop and dazzle!

2 photo phases

Or you might want to add some text and decoration!

overlays and text

Making a collage is another way to make your photos stand out.

random collage

These tweaks are all quick, simple to do and free!

{Bigger is better}

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, size does matter.

Regardless of what you do to photo, unless it is a decent size, most people will glance over it.

For Blogger bloggers who write their blog posts using {Compose} you simply need to change the size of each photo once it’s added to your blog post.

By clicking on the image you can choose between 5 different sizes; small, medium, large, extra large and original size.

I’d suggest going for extra large every time, below you can see the difference between small and extra large, makes a big difference.

small and extra large

If you use Windows Live Writer to write your blog posts you can tinker with the size of an image, and a lot more, using the Picture Tools.

windows live writer picture tools

There’s a few other things I’ve picked up along the way whilst taking photos for my blog and photos in general.

circled-numbers 1

Have fun!

Most importantly I think, is that you should enjoy taking photos, try not to take it all too seriously!


 Keep clicking!

In this digital age you can keep snapping away and simply delete those you don’t like nor need, the more you take the more likely you are to get the shot you are after.

circled-numbers 3

Keep it real!

If you can, use natural light and avoid the flash. Although saying that, I draw the line at waiting for sunny days to take photos, I’m not that patient!

circled-numbers 4

Centre stage!

Sometimes it might be beneficial to do a little staging, especially if you happen to have 2 kids running around naked!

circled-numbers 5

Change your perspective!

Get creative with your photo taking, rather than straight on, try taking photos from above or below the subject, you can get some amazing shots from a different angle.


  1. Great tips. I'm definitely guilty of sticking in a pic just as it is and usually fairly small. I've a little bit of experience of PicMonkey and it's dead easy to use and has so many options, so I should use it more.

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  3. Great tips! I love using PicMonkey, but sometimes I have the feeling that I get carried away and edit the photos more than I should have...

  4. I love PicMonkey - must play around with it more

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