Blogging Everyday In August

Well, I kinda buggered this up, but it’s still early in the month so a little catch up is okay, isn’t it?!

Sarah, who blogs over at Yummy Mummy In Training decided to have prompts for a blog post everyday this month, being a little wishy washy in my blogging I thought this would be a great idea to get the ol’ inspiration going.

Greatest achievement 

I think the obvious choice would be my children, and they are undoubtedly amazingly awesome. But on a solely personal level, my greatest achievement has been my slow, sometimes wobbly road to recovery from PTSD and PND. It’s not easy, the journey has been and still is difficult, I’ve wanted to check out many times, but have stuck with it. So yeah, my journey through these dark years is my greatest achievement.

A photo of us

Family Fail!

Don’t think we have a single family photo, how bad is that!

We do however have a rather snazzy family portrait that hubs drew.

family pic

Life goal

Life hasn’t always been easy. I’ve packed a lot of dark stuff in to my life, and having gone through so much crap with my mental health and the difficulties with the kids lately, I really do just want to enjoy life.

If I can make every day count, no matter how in how small a way, then I’ll be happy.

It’s easy to set unrealistic goals, being happy seems reachable and worthy.