DIY TP Telescopes ~ Kids Craft

For some unfathomable reason I can never dispose of tp rolls until there are 6 or so rolls!

Usually once hubs starts moaning about the ever growing mountain of tp rolls I give up on any kind of crafty endeavour and toss them in the recycling bin, until yesterday!

kids craft

My boys often use empty tp or kitchen paper rolls as telescopes, it’s all lovely, except they can be rather plain and boring.


Deciding to make them a bit more exciting we had a bit of a crafty afternoon.

After gathering up our supplies we were ready to make some telescopes.what you need diy telescopes

First of all we drew circles around the end of each tube on to some clear plastic.

Within these circles we added a little picture, each one was a different ‘scene’ a tree on a sunny day, umbrella in the rain, a boat in water and silver and gold stars.

DIY telescopes draw images

After roughly cutting out the circles, we used double sided sticky tape to secure the excess pieces of plastic to the tp roll.

DIY Telescopes applying image to tp roll

Using a tp roll as a guide, we cut out enough paper to wrap around a tp roll, covering the roll in double sided sticky tape, we secured the decorative paper around the tube.

DIY telescopes wrapping in paper

We repeated this with the other rolls, each one having a different ‘scene’.

We did try using glitter, not very successfully and our living room looked as though a unicorn had farted in there!


The boys love them!

DIY Telescopes raining

A few things we noticed, not all the colour markers show up well, trial and error are the way forward.

For the plastic ‘lenses’ we used the clear bags you get cards in, anything similar would work just as well.


Stay away from the glitter!

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom


  1. This is amazing!!! I really want to give this a go though it will probably get eaten

  2. Cute craft. Thanks for sharing.


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