Kids Craft ~ Mini Garden Fit For a Train

. I’m hoping my boys take after my grandpa with their gardening skills, he was an award winning horticulturist, where as I’m skilled at killing most plants the day I buy them!

I’ve seen those mini gardens around and thought one of those would be ideal for the boys to have at go at.

kids craft  

Deciding on a small square planter we popped a small plant in it {no idea what it is}.

Plant in a planter

Using some small decorative pebbles, the boys covered the soil surface. They then popped a small bird house in one corner.


bird house fairy house

The boys decided they wanted to go with a beachy feel and added some blue pebbles to make an ocean, sea shells and drift wood.

little house

No mini garden is complete without a train, Percy seemed the natural choice!

little train

mini train garden

The kids had great fun making this, not sure how long it will last, but for now it’s a lovely addition to garden!


  1. Fab idea! I've just moved into a place that doesn't have a garden so might try and give this a go in the little space I do have outside my back door next year :)

  2. I think it's definitely the train that makes it! Such a lovely idea for the garden, I may have to pinch it to try with my Kitty.

  3. This is a lovely idea, your garden looks so seasidey (is that a word?!). The train really gives it that finishing touch too!


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