Kids Craft ~ Stone Monsters

Visiting the beach as often as we do it’s inevitable that we have a stupidly large collection of stones in all shapes and sizes.

We can’t leave the beach unless a pocket, bag or buggy has at least a few stones in it, and there are only so many ways you can incorporate those stones in the garden or house before it looks as though you just have an ever growing pile of stones.

After todays jaunt to the beach and the additional stones to our ever growing mountain I decided to try a little crafting.

kids craft

What do you make with stones when you have two little monsters at home…

monster stones

The boys chose a few stones to paint.

pebbles and stones

We chose a bunch of craft supplies including glue, paint, wool and googly eyes.

craft supplies

I let the boys have free reign on what to do, and with a little help they came up with these beauties.

Ahren decided they needed some grass, bugs, a sunflower and sunshine!

stone monsters in the sun

This is one of those crafts that takes little prep and expense, and really can’t go wrong {other than the kids ending up covered in paint}, perfect for rainy days or lazy afternoons.