Litter Louts


There are some disgustingly rude and ignorant people out there.

Litter louts, just what exactly is their problem?!

Twice this week we’ve almost stood on smashed glass left behind from someone's beer binge.

beach glass

This was bad enough, then whilst attending the first day of Eastbourne Airshow we saw a ridiculous amount of litter just being left behind or allowed to flutter away on the breeze.

Eastbourne seafront has numerous rubbish bins, recycle bins and even had some litter collector's going round armed with plastic sacks and those pokey, picky uppy sticks.

So there really is/was no need to leave behind anything you bring to the beach when you leave.

Actually there is no need to leave litter anywhere, just bin it or take it home and put it in your own bin.

The selfishness of leaving litter laying around not only makes places look unsightly, it’s hazardous to the environment and also pose a dangerous threat of injury to people and any wildlife unfortunate enough to stumble upon it.

I don’t fancy needing either a tetanus shot nor stitches in my foot just because some arse was too lazy to put their trash in a bin!

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  1. Rude.

    And downright lazy. THere is no excuse for it.

    Not only is it those things but it is also dangerous, as you point out, glass is a ridiculous thing to leave lying around.

  2. Ditto! I have just written my ranty friday on exactly the same thing!

  3. I hate litter louts. We live right at the start of our road, and get so much rubbish, empty packets and stuff just tossed in our garden, as people walk past. Drives me insane! Great rant!

  4. Not good, especially not where there's kids and wildlife around.

    We have loads of litter chucked out of cars from people driving round the rural roads. It's insane as they'd not really be driving through as we're out of they way, but it's things like beer cans and McDonalds bags - you can't even buy those nearby, so it's like they just get chucked out as they're clearing their car out while driving. Disgusting, and no chance of ever catching them

  5. Not cool at all dude *shakes head*


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