Neighbourly Behaviour ~ Or Not!

Apparently everybody needs good neighbours.

Which in turn means we all need to be good neighbours, or something!

I know my neighbours aren’t the worst out there, compared to some horror stories, mine are positively delightful, but still they are beginning to negatively impact my days.

These neighbours live in a house which backs on to our back garden, so I’d have thought any noise we heard from them would have been minimal.

But no, whether it’s fighting, listening to music or talking to friends they have one volume, LOUD.


Everyday their music is on LOUD.

And it’s crap music, the other day it was

Los del Rio - Macarena

I hear every single word and note of music.

Then he sings along.

And he has a bloody didgeridoo, which he plays very very badly.

He will talk to his friend who lives 3 houses down… hanging out the window and shouting… kids education in profanity started early.

He then has a lunch time smoke….of the illegal herbal kind…..making my kids and I passive tokers.

Then the music starts again…

And he’ll get in to an argument with “a friend” over who skanked who on the wrap and next time he’s not sharing!

No ner!

It’s like a real life episode of a poorly written soap opera.

They’ve had the police called on them a ridiculous number of times but nothing changes, they’ve had their neighbours complain to them, I’ve even given them a few of my bone chilling evil stares!

But nothing works, the skanky lowlifes never acknowledge that their behaviour impacts others. 

The annoying thing, is that there is bugger all I can do!

I bloody hate neighbours.


  1. I can't tell you how much I empathise with you. We have just moved house, partly because of the neighbours from hell. Similar things, smoking weed, swearing, shouting etc. and it really affects your life. I really hope that something is sorted out for you but keep logging things with the police and contact the local council... if it is a rented property there may be some help out there. We deserve to be able to live in our houses and let our children spend time in the garden without being subjected to horrible neighbours. Good luck x

  2. What a drama. Good luck with it

  3. Keep a diary
    Then go to the Council, Environmental Health will help. They can help, even if the property is owned, or yours is owned.

    You dont have to put up with this.

  4. I'm just glad I live in the middle of nowhere!

    Hope you get this sorted.
    CJ x


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