Picture Frames ~ 3 Simple Ways To Personalise Frames

personalising frames

After two fun filled trips to beach, which included sea water stew and some frolicking in the waves the kids were completely pooped and promptly fell asleep soon as their heads hit their pillows.

seawater stew

Hubster retreated to bed with a migraine and I was left all alone.


A whole entire evening to me!

If I knew before hand I would have a few hours all to myself I would have planned better, but alas, I have young children therefore planning goes completely out the window.

Fortunately I always seem to have a dozen or so projects on the go.

I decided to finally finish of decorating some frames I’ve had laying around for yonks.

These beauties I did the other week.

paint and glitter frames

Simple Ikea wood frames I painted and sprinkled glitter inside. Such a quick, simple and easy make, can’t believe that I hadn’t done this before!

The next frame I had somehow managed to smash the glass, duh!

Rather than just toss the frame in the bin I decided to try something a little different.

After painting the frame I dug out some chalk board fabric, amazing stuff this, and using my trusty staple gun I attached a piece of chalk fabric to the back of the frame.

Using some sticky letters and a doodad I added some decoration to the frame

I then cured the chalk fabric, which really just means I used a piece of chalk to go over the fabric, this helps prevent any text or image remaining too prominent even after rubbing it out.

chalk fabric frame

After adding some text, which is easily changeable, it’s already to go up on a wall.

The last frame I jazzed up is another which has no glass, what is it with me and glass!?

This time I decided to use fabric to decorate the frame.

fabric covered frame

How to cover a picture frame in fabric

how to cover a picture frame in fabric

circled-numbers 1Choose the fabric you wish to cover the frame in, not sure large prints will look as good as solids or smaller patterned fabric, but whatever makes you happy.

circled-numbers2Cut a piece of fabric roughly 1 inch larger than your frame, place the fabric right side down and the frame on top. You want the wrong side of both the frame and the fabric facing upwards.

Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the back of the frame, pull the fabric tight before securing with staples. Glue or even double sided tape work just as effectively as a staple gun!

circled-numbers 3Flip the frame over.

circled-numbers 4From the centre of the fabric make 4 incisions, each one needs to go to a corner of the frame.

circled-numbers 5Flip the frame over.

circled-numbers 6Wrap the flaps of fabric around the frame, pulling tight, secure with staple gun.

circled-numbers 7Snip off any excess fabric.

circled-numbers 8You know have a fabric covered frame, which you can either leave as it, or add something to, I attached a bulldog clip, which is fab for switching out the picture or postcard quickly and easily.

These frames have made a great addition to my living room wall, I know there is a total lack of symmetry, but I’m not a symmetry kinda gal!

decorated living room wall


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