Room 101


Well, nothing like a bit of pressure when writing a blog post.

Jo, the hostess over at Ojo’s World tagged me in a meme, Room 101, apparently I will make her laugh, too much pressure to perform lady!

For this one I need to list 3 {is that all?} things that I hate and would banish.

room 101

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The poorer, trashier, drunken cousin of the snail.

So pathetically sad in their existence they forgot their shells and any chance of looking cute or at least interesting.

They get in your house using stealth methods ninjas can only dream of.

They lurk unsuspecting waiting for a bare foot to smack down on itself, making it squelch underfoot.

They destroy gardens without giving a tinkers toss to the effort put in.

Other than a food source for hedgehogs and other weird creatures with poor taste in food they serve no purpose other than to gross people out and piss us off.



People who chomp, slurp or gulp loudly whilst eating, this is an actual thing and not just me being weird, misophobia {dislike of sound}. Small noises really mess with me, from long nails clicking on a keyboard to the rustling of newspaper, the sounds actually freak me out, to the point I have to leave a room or walk away from someone.

Eating out isn’t fun and public transport is a nightmare!

And don’t get me started on spaghetti; slurpy food and the eater twists the form against a plate or bowl!!!! You may as well rake your finger nails down a chalk board.

circled-numbers 3

Justin Beiber

He’s a moronic, egotistical, talentless twat.

I always thought he needed a kick up arse the and a good telling off from his parents about his appalling behaviour and pathetic appearance {put a damn shirt on child and pull your pants up FFS}. But spitting on his fans the other week just took the kick up to slap round the face with a stinky, wet, guts spilling fish.

His disrespect for his fans, you know, the ones that pay for his lavish life style, is disgusting.

Actually lets just include the daft Beliebers in this too, there are countless people out there worthy of your respect, people who work hard, selflessly help others and make a positive impact on a less than perfect world, all without prancing about like a prima donna warbling “baby, baby, baby…”


So, these are the things I would send to Room 101, there’s a lot more, but none of us have the time for that right now.

So moving along, I’m tagging,

Kelly @Mrsfinn86

Jess @JJMcGlynn

Jetta @rainbowbryte


  1. Oh I am sooo with you on Justin B. Silly little knobend grrrr x

  2. Ooh thanks for tagging me! Will put my thinking cap on :) I am the same with the noise thing, the worst is people who slurp milk off their spoon when they're eating breakfast cereal. It actually puts me off my breakfast!

  3. Love it! I'm not too bothered by noise but I'll support you for the first and last!


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