The Week That Was Instagrammed

Well this was another funny ol’ week!

There were some definite low points, my meds got messed up which meant I ended up on a unplanned drug withdrawal.

Not nice to go through at all.

This pretty much prevented me from doing anything interesting this week.

Once I managed to get to the docs, it went surprisingly well!

He’s impressed with my progress and I’m aware of my limitations when setting myself challenges.

I almost high fived him!!

Finding out my big brother was  coming to visit on Saturday sent me into a mild panic, I hadn’t seen him in 3 years so was a little nervous, crazy house cleaning ensued.

Wednesday took us on a little trip to buy a new laptop, treated myself to a new mug, so easily pleased!

mug, clouds, book

It was a relief to get down to the beach on Thursday, definitely a place to just let all your worries go, of course the boys had to have a paddle!

beach, funny faces, postcards

I’m so proud of how well Ahren and Ethan took to my brother and his partner Carol, they were on their best behaviour and won them over instantly.

ethan, stuart, carol

Linking up with the lovely Hannah and The Week That Was Instagrammed.

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  1. I'm really enjoying your pictures! Your boys are cutie pies too :) glad to hear it went well with your doc. Big love xxx

  2. I'm so glad the trip to the doctor went well :) Massive hugs! Your mug is lovely - how are you finding the new laptop?

    Thanks so much for linking up again! Hope to see you next week :) xx

  3. Hi, I am the opposite. I am a coastal girl gone city! Great name for your blog.

    Love the pictures of your boys at the beach. I sympathise with being so tired you fall asleep whilst eating.


  4. Lovely pictures - those clouds are amazing! Also love your little collages!


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