The Week That Was Instagrammed


What a week, hats off to parents of teens and little un’s.

We had my 13 year old niece staying with this week, she’s an absolute darling, but trying to keep 4 year old boys and a 13 year old girl entertained is hard work!


We kicked off the day baking because everyone needs a cupcake picnic on the beach. Once cakes were made we pootled off to the beach, where the boys made stone towers, told off a seagull and enjoyed a cake or two.

We were thwarted by a sudden  down pour which closed the “Boingy boingy jungle” many tears were shed, Ahren was less than pleased to get soaking wet, hehehe.

5 august



Under threat of tears and tantrums I took the boys along to the “Boingy boingy jungle”, they had an awesome time whilst I did the whole ‘bored parent waiting for kids to finish messing around’ thing.




Today was pretty hot dang didilli  doo fantastic, I got freebies! By following Read Between The Lines on Instagram I won some freebies, whoop whoop!

It was a miserable day weather wise, which made it the perfect day to do some crafting.

Ahren took his sleeping position to another level, such an adorable weirdo!

7 august



I must have drunk too much coffee or not enough but I had the ridiculous idea to take the boys and their bikes out, stupid stupid Amanda!

8 august

The boys are actually pretty good on their bikes, and look ridiculously cute in their helmets.

We took in a bit of history at the Redoubt Military Museum, the echo's in there are pretty amazing, as demonstrated by my little darlings running around yelling “Charge” at everyone.

The boys were most impressed to realise they could fit in the laundry basket, I was not so impressed!

Trying to keep the boys distracted for a wee while I let them play with their Epic Straws, Ethan made a ridiculously long straw which had several leaks!

With the afternoon sun warming up the pool I thought it only right to dip my feet in and read a book, I noticed one the plants had bloomed, loving the orange.

8.2 august



Maddy had to go home today, so I decided as a treat we’d have homemade waffles for breakfast, they were amazing if I say so myself!

My mum turned up to collect Maddy and brought with her some goodies for me, Krispy Kreme and Lucky Charms, she’s a good egg!

Then, the darling poppet looked after the boys for me whilst I had a nap, soooooo nice.

The boys were distraught at Maddy leaving, I think she will be a regular guest at our house!

I spent the afternoon trying to paint my nails, much harder than you think, it smudged all over and looked crap, I make a terrible girlie girl!

9 august



Oh my gosh, where do I begin?!

Nannie and doopa came to visit, they bought the boys a Wii U and the Chase McCain game, Lego and some Angry Birds toys. I’ll need an extension just to house all their toys!

We spent the morning setting everything up and then bundled in to the car to take the boys to Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway.

The kids had a fantastic time playing in the park and enjoyed their ride on the mini train, toot toot!

Nannie then let the boys get some Thomas and Friend toys from the toy shop, they were thoroughly spoilt, lucky buggers!

After fish and chips for dinner I was glad to finally have the house to ourselves, as much as I love our families some down time was much needed!

10 august

I’m linking up my crazy busy week with the lovely Hannah and The Week That Was Instagrammed

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  1. Oh wow!! You have had a busy one! I think my favourite photos are the ones of the twins in the laundry basket. Amazing! Your boys are hilarious.

    On a side note - do you have a swimming pool??

    Thanks for linking up again lovely lady xx

  2. Wow, I love how you do your pics and the writing, looks great :) adore the pics of your boys in the basket...gosh that's cute!!xx

  3. Mmm waffles and Krispy Kreme -delicious!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely week :-)


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