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 Gah, where has the week gone?! This week, rather like this year, is going past much too fast for my liking! 

Monday A funny ol’ day, I really wasn’t ready for the week to begin, yet somehow managed to get us out the house and at the beach by 9.30.

12 august

After Ahren invented the game Sand Tag, basically throwing a handful of sand at you, we decided to head home, where I made a few cushion covers.

august 12

We also took a trip to the Post Office {not very exciting} to drop off a parcel for our ‘adopted’ squaddie, always enjoy sending off these parcels.

Later that day hubs treated me to a few choccy bars, yummy!

 Tuesday An unexpected day off for hubs so we dragged him down to the beach for the morning, the boys practised their drawing skills in the sand.

13 august

Some poor ol’ crabs got ravaged by the seagulls, poor buggers!

And Ethan developed proper crazy eyes just before falling asleep for an afternoon nap, these have become more frequent {the naps not crazy eyes} not sure what he will do once he starts school! 

august 13 

Wednesday We kicked off today with another trip to the ever exciting Post Office, sent some bunting to a well deserving young lady, don’t even get me started on prices to send things.

After pootling down to the sea front to see the preparations for Eastbourne Airshow the boys stripped off and had another paddle in the water.


They then totally impressed me by writing the entire alphabet in the sand, a few backwards letters and a prompt here and there, but they did it!

We then had a nice long walk before heading home for lunch and chores.

Thursday Had a kinda weird hooha with Ethan, he wanted to wear his school shirt today, I relented and must say, he looked so damn cool!

Was the first day of Eastbourne Airshow so the boys and I pootled off to the beach to watch the displays, freaking amazing! 

15 august

The boys were their natural charming selves, making friends with everyone and anyone.

They loved the displays, it was lovely to see them so excited.

Friday Today we went to the Arena area of the Air show, bundles of stalls, demonstrations and stands from the Army, Navy and RAF. They boys were amazed at seeing the various military vehicles, especial trucks with tyres bigger than themselves!

16 august

Twice the little tinkers went to the Disney Planes display, which they loved, coming away with posters, stickers and some pretty fab Tops Cards.

Saturday We decided on a little picnic on the beach today, which sounds good in theory but never really works out as planned!

It was still a fab day with the boys making friends and having fun, although they did both freak out when daddy tried to bury them in the sand, silly arse!

17 august

Saw lots more fabulous displays, all of which reminded me that jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane or helicopter is not the daftest thing you could do, nope, wing walking and flipping a helicopter 90 degrees or a full 360 is definitely dafter! And don’t even get me started on how close together they are when flying, I think 5 foot they said, that’s one of me between each plane!


I think my heart must have stopped 20 or so times.

So that was this week, looking forward to seeing what next week holds!

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  1. Hands *are* amazing!

    We heard some of the planes overhead earlier - it looks like you had a great time. And the twins look super cute in their hats and cool dude shirt and jeans combo! The beach looks lovely as always :) Oh and your cushion covers are gorgeous!

    A good week!

    Thank you so much for linking up again :) xx

  2. Fab photos, you put me to SHAME with your beach visits, we hardly ever go to the beach :/

    Look at Ethan rocking the shirt! Yeah dude! ;)

  3. Lovely photos as always! Gosh I wish we lived near a beach ;) xx


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