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Monday AND Tuesday

Nothing more exciting than hot chocolate with marshmallows.

hot choc 2008


Needing to get out the house for a bit we went for a stroll along the beach, and discovered that trying to bury someone in stones isn’t as easy as burying someone in sand!

sea water soup 2108

Ahren got a little peckish and decided to make some sea water soup, I don’t recommend it!

afternoon walk 2108

Whilst pootling along the boys somehow misplaced their boats, but luckily for them some kind soul had found them and popped them on one of the groynes which we found when we wen for our evening walk, how nice!


Knowing that due to the full moon there would be super low tides we decided to go for an evening stroll, it was pretty darn lovely with the boys running around like loons, hermit crabs everywhere and random art!


The boys woke up at silly hour which didn’t set any of us up for a great start to the day.

Another beautiful day spent on the beach, during which the boys embarrassed the hell out of me; the tried to bury a sleeping man in the stones OMG!!!


We decided on another evening walk, during which the boys danced like loons, Ethan decided that his legs wouldn’t carry him home so I ended up giving him a piggy back, which was actually really fun!


Sleeping kids and a sick hubster meant I had an evening to myself, finally finish some picture frames I’d started on weeks ago.


We went for a stroll to the Post Office to collect a parcel, it was my lovely goody from Bloom Remedies, yay!


On way the back down the high street we passed a busker who was playing some amazing jazzy blues, naturally the boys had to stop and have a dance. And another dance, and another and another and…. you get the idea.

Cost me a small fortune but they had a blast and raised smiles amongst all the shoppers that passed by.


The rest of the afternoon was spent in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

A pretty relaxed and slow week, which is never a bad thing!

Joining up with the ever lovely Hannah at Make Do and Push

the week that was


  1. At the risk of encouraging the burial of random strangers a top tip from this costal girl gone rural is to pop a towel over your legs before you start the shingle castle on top - it helps to stop all the pebbled trickling down your legs! A lovely week too - it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Haha! I love that they tried to bury a random sleeping man!! Also, hot chocolate and marshmallows are amazing, no matter what the weather ;)

    Thanks for linking up again :) xx


    The DUDE tshirt - WHERE?! TELL ME WHERE!

    Beautiful pics as always mate :)


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