And So It Begins ~ Playground Politics

Our first week at school has been interesting to say the least!

Play ground politics boys in uniform

We’ve all handled it better than I expected.

I didn’t turn into a heap of sobbing tears when leaving the boys at school with strangers.

They didn’t shed a tear as I abandoned them to someone else's care.

It was all rather anti climatic if anything.

So far the boys have cried 3 times, every afternoon at 3.15 when they have to come home, and whilst it’s good they are enjoying school so much, I’m not to fond of the questioning looks from other parents as to why our kids cry every time they are sent home!

There’s one aspect of being a parent to school age children I expected to see, but not in the first week.

Playground Politics

I at least thought we’d be able to get the emotional rollercoaster of the first week dealt with before the cliques formed and the bitchiness started.

But no, this morning I was privy to a sneak peak of what’s in store over the next few years.

I’m so over it already!

It’s the first week, emotions are running high, some parents are leaving their child/ren for the first time.

Both parents and children can and do find this a difficult time to deal with.

Many parents are remaining in the classroom for a few minutes just to make sure that their child has settled before slipping away.

The school has encouraged this, and in all honesty I’ve enjoyed seeing my boys run off to their new friends, hug their teacher and get immersed in some game or puzzle.

So yes, I’ve lingered, sometimes a little teary as I think of the new born baby I held in my arms who stopped breathing, making me think I’d lost him before even getting to know him.

Play ground politics playing doctors

I lingered, in awe as I watched the little boy who fought for life for months, run off and make a stickle brick car in seconds.

Play ground politics playing with stickle bricks

In lingering, watching my boys who both very nearly didn’t make to their first birthday, I got in someone's way.

We joked about it, I apologised, moved aside and left a few seconds after her, following her out the classroom.

To then hear her complaining to her friends about us being in her way, how we contributed nothing to the class and blah blah blah.

I don’t particularly care what she thinks about me, her opinions based on nothing, mean exactly that, nothing.

It was a mild bit of unnecessary two-facedness.

I only wished she’d let us get the first week out the way before the playground descends into a weird Mean Girls style bitch fest.


  1. Oh my word. This is why I am mostly friends with men. I just can't be bothered with the pathetic-ness and unnecessary bitchiness of some women.


    Well done you for not giving a smurf! xxx

    1. Yes! It is so tiresome to deal with any drama!

      Thank you, I was rather impressed that I just walked away xx

  2. Your boys look gorgeous in their uniforms! My daughter started a month ago and she has cried all bar 2 mornings, it is awful, I wish she would cry when I picked her up instead :)

    Mum's are awful aren't they, I have a few 'Mum' friends but not many, I am not cool enough for the cliques!!


    1. Ahh thank you, they scrub up well!

      Oh bless her, it's a big change, I'm sure she will settle soon.

      Some are dreadful, I'm not cool either or maybe just too cool for them!

  3. Ahhh the playground politics!! Horrible, horrible, horrible....Best thing to do is just ignore the bitchiness!! I always think I'm not in the playground to make friends I'm there to drop off and pick my kids up...If friendship happens fab!!

    Lovely photos! Sounds like he's settling in really well!! x

    1. Sounds like a great approach to the school run!

      Thank you, I'm s proud of how well they are both adjusting to school

  4. I can't believe that, as if some people are that petty! Your boys look so adorable in their uniforms. I think the way they are is a sign of awesome parenting - they're happy, confident and eager to explore! Stuff the other Mums, who needs em, eh? x

    1. Aww thanks Misty, yeah I was shocked by it too.

      You describe them so well!

  5. I agree with Misty! I rarely talk to other mums. The person I speak to the most? My eldest son, who finishes in time to pick little one up with me.
    I'm glad you got to linger, it must put your mind to rest xx

    1. Thanks Twinkle toes, ahh that's nice he goes with you.

      Yes, me too, I'd have hated to be told to leave right away, needed to know they were happy before I could go

  6. Firstly - how handsome do they look?! Love the colour of their sweatshirts too, very cool :)

    Same as your two, Bean hasn't been any trouble going in to school but once he's finished - WHOA! It's interesting your school allow you in to let the boys settle, ours is totally the opposite, it's a bit cold and detached if anything.

    As for Bitchy Snarkface, what a way to make a first impression! Considering your kids could potentially be at school together for years and years. Maybe she's just proper jel her kid isn't as well adjusted as your 2 innit ;)

    So glad you're all doing OK, and rise above dude xxx

  7. Your boys look so adorable. I'm happy that they are both healthy little boys today.

    Don't let the b*)# get you down. She is jealous of you or your boys or feels threatened for some stupid reason. Lea

  8. Your boys look so adorable. I'm happy that they are both healthy little boys today.

    Don't let the b*)# get you down. She is jealous of you or your boys or feels threatened for some stupid reason. Lea

  9. That's really awful! I must say mums stand in groups at our school and I often stand on my own - a combination of work and too many kids tends to mean I don't have time for lingering and chatting - but in eight years taking my kids to a school I've never heard any actual bitchiness.

  10. It's many years now since I had to endure the 'Alphamums' at the school gate. Just shows that some things don't change. You're a wonderful Mum to your adorable boys and these shallow people aren't even worth a second thought. They know nothing. (Can you tell I've been on the receiving end of this kind of nonsense as well?)Rant over. Hope the school week ended well.

  11. it amazes me that women never grow out of this you think once they leave school they grow up in fact far too many are just as catty when they are old women as they were when they were at school. people are just plain mean. ignore them! don't let them take the shine off your little ones first few weeks at school x


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