Autumn Bucket List ~ Making The Most Of Autumn

We’ve already noticed leaves turning brown, the sun setting earlier and the evenings turning chilly.

Autumn is officially on its way.

Soon I’ll be switching flip flops for Converse, dresses for jeans and vest for snuggly jumpers.

Wanting to make the most of my favourite time of year and being inspired by the Get Good Summer Bucket List I decided to make an Autumn Bucket List.

autumn bucket list 2013

I shall be sticking a copy of this on the fridge to remind me and the family to actually get out and do things.

It’s so easy once it turns chilly to stay wrapped up indoors, and whilst I enjoy snuggly duvet days, getting out in the crisp fresh air is just as enjoyable.

I’m sure there are oodles of other things I could have added, but this is meant to be fun prompts rather than a strict to do list.

What would you add, any other ideas greatly welcomed!