Disciplining Your Children ~ A Time & A Place

We all judge to some extent, we can’t really help those snap judgements based on a moments information.

But I always always try to give the benefit of the doubt, after all we never truly know what is going on in someone's life to make them behave in any particular way.

The other day I had just dropped the boys off in their class room and was walking out the school when I saw or rather heard a mother telling her child off.

He must have been about 7 or so, and she was screaming in his face, yanking on his arm and manhandling him in to the school.

I was stunned, not only by the way she was telling him off but how publically she was doing it.

It was one of those situations where I wanted to intervene, luckily the school secretary came out and diffused the situation.

I don’t know any details, but even so, what would prompt any parent to behave like that in public?

Especially at the child's school, in view of younger, impressionable children, not to mention his friends?

Is the playground ever a suitable place to scold your child or should you wait until in the privacy of your own home?


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  2. Oh God.......I'm not sure what's worse and if the mothers from our school read this comment, I would be classified 'a snob'. I don't consider myself a snob, just a good mother and decent human being.
    I've never seen a child manhandled by a parent in school.....however, I frequently see children as young as 4 swear at their parents (I kid you not!)- the parents will either ignore the foul remarks, or swear back.....and I often hear parents calling their children "you little b*tch" or similar.......the other day a mum said it to her toddler.

    I'm ranting now........sorry, it's just appalling.

    Not a behaviour issue, but I thought I'd throw it into the mix........a heavily pregnant mum a few weeks back standing at the school gates chatting (and swearing) with other mums smoking!

    Maybe I am a snob, but I have standards for my children.

    I have also been known to issue a few smacked bums in the playground for naughty behaviour - mainly when my kids were younger and were trying to show off by answering back in front of their friends. Doesn't wash with me! haha!

    If people disagree with me, tough........I agree with smacked bums and big cuddles for my children.
    Rant over :)

    (Dear Thirty)

    ps: Apologies for the amount of replies/deletes........that last comment was full of errors - fast ranting I think ha!

    1. I don't think your comments make you a snob! Children as young as 4yrs really shouldn't be swearing, and if they do the parents should be putting a stop to it.

      I've also issued a few smacks to the bum, when the boys have ran out in to the road and put themselves in danger.

      No worries about the replies/deletes, I've done it before!

  3. It's a tricky one. Mainly because if the mother in question were to discipline in the privacy of her own home who knows how much further she'd have taken it? It's not nice to witness, it's not how I'd do it myself but I suppose the school now know to keep an eye on the child whereas if it was all done at home, no one would know any different.

    Also I think it's really difficult to discipline or reprimand for bad behaviour 6 / 7 hours after the event when you'll most likely have forgotten about it and not be as strict as you'd originally be. Not the way I'd go about it myself but can see pros and cons for both situations.

    1. Ohhh excellent point about how far it could have gone at home!

      I must admit I do hate being in a situation where I don't feel I can discipline/reprimand the boys appropriately when out in public.

      Thanks for commenting missy, given me something to think about!


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