DIY Felt Bunting ~ No Sew

The world is without a doubt a better place with bunting in it, the more the merrier really!

And what is better than no sew bunting?

Nothing, except vanilla latte’s and apple, cinnamon & maple muffins!

There are a few ways to make no sew bunting, I settled on using felt and glue for mine, here’s how I did it.

First up was deciding which colours to use, I went with 4 which would go with the rest of the decor in the boys bedroom.

No sew felt bunting felt sheets

Next up is deciding which shape you want your bunting to be, I settled on good ol’ triangle flags.

You’ll then want to make your template, use card if possible.

As I wanted triangle flags on the garland I made my template diamond shape, this ensured that when the felt was folded over I ended up with triangle flags.

diy bunting template

Place the template on the felt sheet, draw around the template, repeat for as many flags as you need.

Once you’ve drawn enough, cut them out.

No sew felt bunting felt diamonds

Now you’ll need the twine or whatever you’re using to hang your bunting flags from.

Place the twine in the centre of the felt diamond, so it if folded in half the twine is sandwiched between two pieces of felt. Place a blob of glue over the twine and on one side of the felt {UHU glue works well without leaving any ‘wet patches’} , fold the felt sides together, lining up the edges, until you are left with a triangle flag with the twine secured in the middle.

Use paper clips or similar to secure the edges together if necessary.

assembling bunting

Keep going until you have made your bunting!

No sew felt bunting

Now all that is left is finding somewhere to hang the bunting!

No sew felt bunting 0n the wall 


  1. LOVE this idea! I am currently making some bunting for my little ones room but wanted to do something smaller to place around a little reading area and these would be perfect. Also it's a nice way of adding some extra texture into the room.


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