Get Good Summer ~ Got It!!

This has by far been the best summer we’ve had since I became a mummy, we’ve achieved so much, enjoyed our days together and had more fun than I thought possible.

Way back at the beginning of summer I joined in with Get Good Summer, but with one thing and another I slipped up on posting over the past few weeks, doesn’t mean we haven’t been taking part just been crazy busy enough not to get a post written up.

This is the original list of things to do this summer

blogging summer bucket list

From the 5 things listed we managed to complete 3 of them, many times over!

We managed to ticked oodles of things from The List which is actually a poem I adore, so whilst we didn’t finish our Summer Bucket List I’m more than chuffed with everything we achieved over the summer.


We’ve had many amazing days out, numerous trips to the beach, wonderfully lazy days at home and fantastic family time.


sunday beach day

get good summer



I will definitely be doing this next summer; it’s been fantastic to not only have a list of things to accomplish but the record keeping has ensured we’ve got some wonderful reminders of our awesome summer.

Thanks to the lovely Claire for coming up with the idea!


  1. It looks like you and your boys have had a great summer. And how cute do they look in those hawaiian shirts?

  2. Looks like you had an amazing summer! Your boys are bloody adorable x

  3. EPIC summer! Fabulous idea, have no idea how I missed it, will totes join in next year!

  4. Great job, Amanda. I love that you used the list as your inspiration! Great to see all that you've been up to these past few weeks. Thanks fore joining in with #GetGoodSummer... hope to have you back next year!

  5. What a great summer. As you know, I've been following your posts and have loved all the things you've been doing. I'm half way through writing my post now. I'll definitely be doing it again too.

  6. It looks like you had an amazing summer. I love that poem, I might steal that for myself :)


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