Mummy Fibbed, A Little Bit

I’ve been brought up to believe lying is wrong in most situations, unless you’re pretty sure you can get away with it {joking, kinda}.

So when we met with the lucky lucky lady fresh from Teacher School who will be teaching our boys from Monday we were in a pickle.

We had to fill out a questionnaire about our boys, there were questions on strengths, weakness, likes and dislikes and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The problem we had was just how honest to be, because if we were brutally honest, the boys would already be excluded and no doubt someone from Channel 4 would be on the phone to interview our dysfunctional family and blaming it on the decline in society.

I’m pretty sure that under strengths they didn’t mean Ethans ability to speed eat a Marmite sandwich in under 10 seconds or his insanely impressive ability to pee whilst standing on the toilet seat, nor did they want to know about Ahrens ability to spin in a circle for 5 minutes and not get dizzy or how quickly he can get naked.

By weakness I was pretty sure they didn’t want to know about the boys inability to sleep until a decent hour nor stay quiet for any length of time whilst mummy had a coffee.

Under ‘likes’ I didn’t feel it was a good idea to put ‘being naked, peeing outside or licking icing off a cupcake’ yet these are some of their favourite things, besides singing, running, spinning and making a mess with glitter and Play Doh.

‘Dislikes’ really didn’t seem the place for ‘peas, crusts, being quiet, walking and doing as they’re told’.

So we filled out the form in a rather bland neutral way, not really adding anything of value because heaven forbid anyone knew just how crazy my kids actually are!

crazy boys


  1. Why spoil the surprise with a questionnaire? :D

  2. Haha brilliant. Are you sure you aren't talking about my boys there?

  3. Ha! Brilliant post. Keep those teachers on their toes and reveal nothing, I say.

  4. Oh I hate those types of forms and never know what to say. I do a fair bit of fibbing too. Love the way you have put the pictures and drawn on top of them - clever stuff!


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