Surviving The First Week at School

We did it!

We survived our first week at school, whoop whoop!

There were tears, tantrums and sleepless nights before I finally calmed down and accepted my children would be attending school.

And it’s been okay.

Admittedly it has only been a week; but we’ve had no major melt downs and no phone calls from the school regarding the kids behaviour, all in all its been wonderful.

The boys have woken up every morning looking forward to going to school, proudly pulling on their uniforms and literately lobbing my Converse at me to hurry me up!

Each morning they give a cheery wave to their teacher, deposit their water bottles in the drinks tray and with a distracted wave shoo me out the classroom.

Every afternoon, except today, they have cried leaving school, waving half heartedly sobbing “goodbye” to their teacher.

The are excited about their home work.

They’ve enjoyed singing the songs they have learnt in class on the way home, even going so far as to demonstrate Humpty Dumpty for me, this did involve Ethan throwing himself rather dramatically on to the floor.

Over the week they have gained the confidence to leave mummy at the school entrance and head into class on their own.

They’ve managed not to lose a single items of school uniform.

But, most importantly they have made me so incredibly proud to be their mummy.

first week at new school

I wasn’t expecting the first week to have gone so well, I doubt it will last and fully expect to encounter a few hiccups along the way.

But for now, it’s all good.


  1. Good to hear they are enjoying school! It always baffles me when my niece comes home and says what a great day it's been at school and how sad she was to leave, all I remember when I think of school is counting down the minutes until the bell rang at secondary school so I could get home! Haha.



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