The Week That Was Instagrammed

Another fabulous week with my darling boys!


We kicked of the week not enjoying the Bank Holiday but shopping for the dreaded school uniform.

Our boys are still a little teeny tiny, even the 3yr old trousers are bit big, makes me not want to send them to school, but eventually we got almost everything.

In a random 5 minutes we saw a man being arrested, Ethan's trousers fell down as he crossed a road and Ahren walked into another lamp post!

august 26

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I washed their school uniforms, and whilst I appreciated how lovely all those whites looked on the line I realised 3 things

27 august

1. They wont stay white for long

2. I need an ironing board

3. I’m going to have to start ironing!

These rather upsetting revelations were eased somewhat by the busting out a bag of Tooty Frooties!

august 27

Ethan decided to be me, apparently achieved by wearing a hoody!

Ahren found Play Doh, I thought that had all “disappeared” and wasn’t too pleased when it covered their bedroom carpet.

I finally got my thoughts down on how I’m feeling about the boys starting school.

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Having withdrawal symptoms we decided to hit the beach, gorgeous low tide again.

We saw this random pile of stones left behind by the tide, looked kinda lonely.

AUGUST 2828 august

We decided to amble along to the park after the beach, big mistake!

Some kids are just plain ol’ nasty and we seemed to run into those little sods at the park, I’m fully aware of the whole “kids being kids” but being mean and rude are not acceptable, especially when the kids are of an age to know better, they totally ruined our morning and pissed me off!

28 08.jph

I was cheered up when we got home and I had a lovely new book and the kids and I did some crafting, DIY telescopes!

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The boys were pretty disappointed with the park yesterday, as we were up early I thought “Sod it” and we went out to the park right after brekkie!

We had a lovely walk along the beach, always nice along there early morning before it gets busy.

29 august

We were at the park by 8am and had an hour and a half to ourselves, which was super fun!

They were able to run around like loons, play on whatever they wanted and didn’t have some nasty boys telling them to get off the round about or hitting them!

august 29

I finished up the day doing a spot of sewing, eventually it should be a scrappy quilt, time will tell!

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Friday sucked!

I broke our bank card so had no money having promised the boys a day out, bad mama!

Knowing we were having family visiting both days over the weekend we set to on getting house work done, I know, exciting times!

I did manage a little more crafting, quilling this time!


blogging pink strip


We went out with nannie and doopa to Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum, and we loved it!


I saw so many cars and motorbikes I really really need liked, total classics, each one with a rather fabulous story.

The boys have great fun making new friends at the play park before we went on the mini steam train, toot toot!

After lunch which was made interesting with all the wasps attacking us, I went OTT girlie and actually screamed with arms flapping like a demented penguin trying to fly.

31 august

We saw a rather delightful chair before going to the wildfowl reserve; ducks lots and lots of ducks. Some were weary of us whilst some were way too friendly and just ambling along with us!

We saw flamingos! Aren’t they just ridiculously cool?!

As much as I adore living on the coast, there is something incredibly homecoming in being amongst the grass and trees, growing up on Wimbledon Common has had a lasting impact.

august 31

I was blown away by the living willow, tunnels made from willow which is trained to grow in to certain shapes. Also saw a boat, chairs and a kinda igloo, all very cool!

31 08

We finished off the day with homemade popcorn, not the best dinner but it was a rather yummy naughty treat!

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  1. Your quilling canvas is amazing!!! Will you be doing a tutorial?

    The park sounds nasty :( I hope next week goes ok! I'll be thinking of you.

    Thank you so much for linking up again xx

  2. Another action packed week. I can't believe you saw someone being arrested. I can't stand play doh. As soon as some enters our home (uninvited), I have the personal challenge of getting it quickly to the bin without being spotted.


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