The Week That Was….

September is proving to be an emotional whirlwind month!

When will it slow down?!

This was the first week the boys had lunch at school, I was worried.

They are ridiculously fussy eaters, I’m hoping it is just a phase and they return to the eager to try anything kids they used to be.


My little darlings pootled off to school with their lunch boxes, making me one proud, emotional and weepy mama.

They did good!

Didn’t even realise the muffins were choc full of bananas and oats, mwahahaha!


Weird day.

Hubs was back at work so after the school run I returned to an empty house.

I did not like it.

It was weird.

Too quiet, too clean, it didn’t feel like home.

17 sept


Urgh, a miserable rainy, grey day, so to cheer myself up I made waffles and started some autumn prep!

18 sept


Gah! Saw a ‘dead’ cat, really made me sad and I got chocked up when telling hubby about it.

Proud mama moment, one of the teachers told me how well the boys had settled in at school, awww!

19 sept

The boys picked my some flowers on the way home, so cute, Ahren was devastated when we got home and the flowers were all floopy!

Ahren had an awful night full of nightmares and I spent most the night sat by his bed comforting him.


I may have done a little Christmas shopping, not a lot and I found some extra goodies in the closet!

Discovered wheelie bin envy, I know sounds crazy but it’s true.

20 sept

And started a little craft project, was nice to finally start something!

The boys got their first homework assignments back from the teacher, such lovely comments, I almost cried!


Nanie and doopa came to visit and we went out for a lovely family day.

We decided on another visit to Bentley Country Park, which this weekend was hosting a Wood Fair.

21 sept

We had a lovely picnic then spent ages walking around the woods peeking in the wooden houses and watching crafters turn pieces of wood in to some amazing things.

21a sept

I finished a lovely day with a walk along the beach, on my own! As lovely as my little family is, sometimes it’s necessary to have a little me time.

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  1. Beautiful photos again :) It must be so strange to come back into a house that is usually so full of your twins energy! Wonderful that you started a craft project though. Do you have a tutorial for your candles?

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  2. I have starts to look forward to this post every week ( wish I could remember to join in! ). I love hearing the story behind your pictures xx

  3. Yet again, a gorgeous collecting of photos - so glad that your boys are throwing themselves into school life. I love the pic of them with the flowers - they're such a pair of cuties :)


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