The Week That Was…


…. full of early starts, snot and bunting.


Ahhh the week started of so well, the boys first full day school!

They woke up all excited and eager to get to school, I got a little teary as we waved them off then went for a little coffee date with hubster.

23 sept

I proved my total badass~ness by dismantling, cleaning and reassembling the drain pipes and trap for the kitchen sink! I’m DIY Super Girl!



The boys woke up with Snot Monster Disease!

Honestly, laws of physics were defied with the amount of snot that came out of these boys.

24 sept

With coughs, snot, sore throats and general icky feeling I kept them off school.

But being the badass that I am, I made them do homework, mwahahahah!


The boys were still all types of disgusting this morning, so another day at home, fighting the fight against Snot Monster Disease.

25 sept

I figured muffins wouldn’t hurt, if anything they’d make them better, so I made some oh so yummy pear & cinnamon muffins.

Deciding I needed something to unwind I started on a little sewing project.


I decided the boys were well enough for school so off we trundled.

Having left my darlings in the care of the professionals I picked up some pumpkin tea light holders.

26 sept

I then….. got rid of some of their toys!

It felt sooooo good to finally make a dent in the mountain of garish plastic and wood that makes up their toys.

This was my first day alone with the boys at school all day, it was nice to just sit, listen to music and enjoy a coffee, as much as I love my little family, it nice to have some alone time!



The kids must have been possessed or maybe they blew a little brain out when they blew their noses, because they were little poo poo heads today.

Neither would eat breakfast.

Before we got to the end of the road both boys had used their sweater sleeves to wipe their noses, ewww disgusting!

On the way to school Ethan was trying to help the bin men by dragging along someone's wheelie bin!

Ahren decided that walking sideways was an appropriate way to travel.

Then on the way home… Ahren held on to a fence and wouldn’t let go!

Ethan’s shoe came off and didn’t say anything for about 5 minutes, we then had to walk back to get his shoe.

Ahren randomly squeezed my boob, it HURT!

They cried at the train station as I wouldn’t let them play at the edge of the platform.

After all that drama I needed some thingy yummy so made some apple, cinnamon & maple muffins {must stop baking so much} they are soooo good!

27 sept

I managed to make some bunting for the boys room, because even when they are poo poo heads, they are my darling little poo poo heads, and I still love em’!

They fell asleep super quick, they’re still not feeling 100%, we went to check on them and they looked so freaking cute!


Today kicked off with me remembering to wash school uniforms, winning!

I wanted to get a bit of family time in so I decided we’d hit the beach.

It was a little rough with sea foam blowing on to the beach, apparently it’s like snow, even so we still managed to have a giggle.


Sadly upon returning home I realised the Laundry Fairy hadn’t been and it was up to me to put away the mountains of laundry. This led to me tidying up the bedrooms, where I uncovered evidence of sweetie cupboard raiding under Ahrens bed!


Woken up at a silly hour by the darling terrors, which actually turned out rather well as I ended up with breakfast in bed!

A rather boring, if somewhat happy day, filled with shopping, beach and homework. Seems very bizarre that we now have to do homework! But even that wasn’t too bad as we had a lovely Sunday roast dinner, and I’m pretty sure there is cheese cake somewhere in the fridge, actually I’m off now to find it!

danish pastry, child looking out to sea, learning phonics

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  1. Gosh! It sounds like you've had a crazy busy week!! Those muffins sound amazing!!

    Thank you so much for linking up again :) xx

  2. I LOVE the way you have done your photos, for this. I am so not creative, mine just come out plain, from Instacollage.
    Am sorry your lot have had the bug too. It's grim. Back to school germs are horrible. I also made Em do her homework, and some extra bits to keep her busy, once she was over the worst, I must be a mean Mummy too! :)

  3. I did chuckle to myself with the chocolate under the bed! Very clever!

    Your weeks always sound so busy, I don't know how you do it!

  4. It looks like you guys had an awesome week :) x

  5. Aw hope they are feeling a bit better and glad school is going well! My boy has a cold that hasn't shifted for 10 days now?! Xx


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