Week That Was Instagrammed

This was a topsy turvy week emotion wise, has some amazing highs and emotional lows.


My Birthday! I kicked off my birthday in style, with an appointment to discus my anti d meds, yay {sarcasm}, after that funness was over we decided to head to Lewes for the day. My flip flop broke and I couldn’t find another pair for love nor money so had to go home and change, then we missed the train and had a pootle about to pass the time, then I lost my ticket…..

2 sept

Eventually we made it Lewes, just as the sun broke out and turned the day in to a sweltering day from hell!

After popping in a few shops and treating myself to a few things we gave up and came home.

We had a rather lovely picnic on the beach, perfect way to spend an afternoon.

I rounded off the day with wine, bath and my favourite dinner!


We started the day with birthday cake for breakfast, as you do!


Wanting to make the most of our last week before school we went for another beach picnic, turned crazy misty and rather spooky before we headed home.

2.2 SEPT


Today we bought more of the boys school uniforms, love the little logos!

4 sept

They loved being at school, the tears when we left were heart breaking.


pj day


The boys had been looking forward to this day all week, we had to go to school for an hour so the kids could play around whilst the parents filled out a bunch of forms.

The boys were on top form, shaking hands with other kids and saying “Nice to meet you”.

6 sept

Having met their teacher and seen how all the kids interact I left feeling more positive about the whole school malarkey.

The boys made me one proud mama by trying a new dinner.

Feeling all autumny I did a little sewing and finished the day with jam roly poly, oh yummy!


With the hubs being ill and grumpy I sent him to bed so the boys and I could play Legos without being told off!

After dinner I took the boys down the beach for what may be our last low tide paddle of the year, you could already feel the water had turned chilly brrr brrr. We had such a nice time, the boys were so funny, high fiving everyone they saw, it was a loooong walk home!

7.3 sept

7.2 sept

7 sept

People wonder why we moved to Eastbourne, seeing photos like this always remind me why!

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  1. What a stunning week of pictures! However....
    How dare you have a birthday and not demand my best wishes!!
    When are the boys starting school? and are you really prepared for this? You do realise you are not going to have a lego jungle to walk through all day!

    Anyway, best wishes beautiful, I would also like to live in Eastbourne, but I'll have to wait for you to lift the restraining order..... Mwhah xx

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love the foggy beach ones :)

    So glad you're feeling better about them going to school - it sounds like they were on top form!

    Thank you so much for linking up again xx

  3. Wow you've got some really gorgeous photos there!

    Lewes is awesome (even if the hills ask a bit of the legs lol). So many nifty little shops and some gorgeous architecture, and of course the history!

    Sounds like the boys are going to get on fine at school!

  4. Belated happy birthday greetings. Sorry Monday was a bit pants. Good news re the boys and school. You must feel really comfortable about them going now.

  5. Blimey you have been a busy bee! Looks like the perfect week to end the school holidays :)


  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Looked like a really good week! Hope they (and you) continue to enjoy school!

  7. Gosh stunning photos and hope school has gone ok for your boys xx


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