Autumn ~ Enjoying The Changing Seasons With My Children

Walking through clouds

misty morning

Jumping in puddles

Escaping the spiders sticky traps whilst appreciating their intricate beauty

beautiful traps

Chasing long shadows which we still can’t stand on

Squinting at the afternoon sun as it peeks through the trees

squinting at the sun

Counting dew drops on the grass and listening to Crickets chirp

Collecting conkers and pinecones before they disappear

pinecones and conkers

Catching raindrops on your tongue

Enjoying the crunch as you step on the leaves carpeting the ground

leaves on the ground

Enjoying the first breath of a new day turning to fog as you exhale outside

Stunned in to silence by the vast array of colours that make the backdrop of autumn so amazingly spectacular

many shades of autumn

Autumn ~ a wonderful time of year, made all the more magical by seeing it through my children's eyes.

There are so many wonderful things about having children, one of my favourite things is getting a do over on experiencing the world around us.

Tomorrow we shall be perfecting our puddle jumping.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Puddle jumping is the best!!! Amazing photos :-)

  2. Lovely photos and words for activities the children enjoy in autumn, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your children perfecting their puddle jumping. Thanks for linking up and sharing your autumnal thoughts with Country Kids.

  3. Wow, that is one impressive spider web. I don't want to walk into that when it's dark...

  4. This is like my list of favourite autumn things! Lovely photos. And I love jumping in puddles!!

    Jumped over from country kids.

  5. Beautiful photo's they all scream Autumn! :)

  6. Spiders webs are just magical. Love your photos.


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