Bribing Children to Attend School!

In a world where education isn’t a guarantee, in some places it’s a matter of life and death, I’m saddened that here in the UK we’re having to bribe and coerce children as young as 4 to attend school.

I remember being at school and the only incentive to attend and do my best {besides receiving an education} were gold stars and if I was really good, a Whoopie sticker, which was really just a piece of paper cut out with some cheesy slogan on it.

whoopie sticker

To my peers and I they were everything.

We didn’t need financial enticements, the promise of cinema tickets or a pizza party to encourage us to attend school and make an effort.

Knowing our achievements would be recognised and available for all to see on the reward chart was enough.

The thought of one day clutching those slips of paper with our final grades on was incentive enough to turn up on those miserable drab days, make the effort, sometimes fail and often surpass our own expectations.

We knew from our older siblings and parents what a big and scary world it was once we left the relative protection of being in the education system.

We knew once we exited the school gates for the last time, those grades on slips of paper would either open doors of opportunity or have them slammed shut in our face.

So, why now, when despite what Gove is doing, getting a decent education is perhaps more important for an individual than ever before, are we having to bribe children to attend school, to gain a world class education denied to millions?

Eventually these bribes will have to take on epic proportions for each new influx of students as the shine a sparkle of a cinema ticket diminishes.

With an education system barely making ends meet there are surely more important things for the funds to be spent on.


  1. I could moan all day about this one. I friend of mine worked for the government trying to get 16-19 year olds either back into education or work placements. The amount of stuff, money, clothes and treats they were bribed with to go and finish school and take exams was ridiculous.


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