Charity Before Profits

There are so many deserving charities out there it is impossible to support them all, so I support those that mean something to me.

I’m proud of my families vast military roots, every year I wear my poppy with pride and do what I can in other ways to show my support.

17th 21st lancers death or glory

I’ve lost a sister to leukaemia and seen too many friends and family members battle cancer, Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Support hold special places in my heart.

My grandpa's death was made humane and dignified by the support of a Marie Curie hospice, they restored my faith in humanity.

The Samaritans have listened when no one else could.

These are just a few of those charities I support whenever I can, whether monthly donations or a fiver here and there, I give what I can when I can.

I understand the gimmicks, ploys and incentives retailers and manufactures employ to boost charity awareness and donations, it’s truly admirable the support they are able provide.

What isn’t always so admirable is the way profits almost always seem to come first when pushing an item supposedly designed to boost charity donations.

I know businesses are there to make profits for their shareholders and whatnot, but would it really hurt, in the grand scheme of things to just give ALL the money raised by an item designed with a specific charity in mind to that charity?!

So with this is mind I once again forgo the pink and poppy themed items that guarantee a 10p out of £10.00 donation to charity, and instead, I shall empty my pockets or raid my wallet and hand over the cash to a volunteer collector, knowing that all the money is going to my chosen charity, not lining the pockets of shareholders.


  1. I totally agree!

  2. My thoughts exactly! I'd rather donate directly to a charity (or spend in a charity shop) than buy a themed/logo item where so little of the RRP goes to the charity. Unless it's a product where 100% of the profit goes to the charity being supported. Those are good, when they appear!

  3. Totally agree dude with the 100% thing. I'm guessing the only real use of the whole "£1 from every sale of £30" shenanigans is that when those items are by the till etc, they remind people to do SOMETHING. Such a shame though that they have to rip off both the charities and public in the process.

  4. I agree! Don't even get me started on the charity collectors in the street - how much money goes towards their wages before the charity in question receives any?


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