Classic Baking ~ As Good Today As It Was Then! ~ Review

Can a girl {or guy} ever have too many baking recipe books?

No, no they can’t!

When I received a copy of Classic Baking ~ As Good Today As It Was Then! from Love Food Parragon Books I was a little sceptical to say the least.

review classic baking

We all have our own ideas of ‘classic baking’ and I was intrigued as to whether the recipes included would be what I consider classic recipes.

I dived straight in and just from the contents page I knew this was the book for me.

An entire chapter on ‘tray bakes’!

My mummy always made tray bakes; lemon drizzle and fruity ones being 2 of the most popular, and with an entire chapter on ‘Christmas treats’ I was sold!

A recipe book just isn’t a recipe book without Christmas recipes.

The Book

This book is huge, over 250 pages packed of recipes, tips and ideas.

It kicks off with a small introduction and a few tips to get your baking sessions off to the best possible start.

There are 5 individual chapters

Tray bakes, Cheesecakes and cakes, Dessert Cakes, Small Bakes and Breads and Christmas Treats.


The Good

Each recipe is clearly laid out in a step by step fashion.

Ingredients are clearly listed under separate heading where necessary for the main cake, fillings and toppings ~ love this format!

review classic baking a

Each recipe is accompanied by at least one gorgeously staged photo that really does entice you to start baking.

The index is sorted by cake AND ingredients, all recipe books should be indexed this way.

The vast range of recipes is astounding, from the classic Black Forrest Gateau to our new family favourite Snickerdoodles there is something for everyone.


The Bad

Gah, I hate to be a downer but… the recipes are printed on to what looks like lace effect pages, I can imagine for some this could cause issues, even my relatively young eyes started to boggle after a while!

Seems to be a reoccurring theme in recipe books; yet again the ‘Notes for the Reader’ section seems to be  last minute addition thrown in to where there was available space. Any health & safety information, should as far as I’m concerned be clearly presented, in this recipe book it’s placed amongst photo credits and copyright information. As well as being easy to miss  the information is printed on a linen / lace effect image, reading it isn’t enjoyable.


Love it!

I was hooked from ‘tray bakes’ and I wasn’t disappointed! The recipes I tried were easy to follow and produced wonderful yummy results.

If you’re after an all rounder kinda of baking recipe book this is the one for you!

14th oct


  1. Oooh some nice classics in there. TOTES jel of your baking skillz


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