DIY Halloween Felt Boo Banner ~ Kids Craft

The other day I shared with you our Halloween stick mobile, now I’m sharing the Halloween Boo garland we made with the remaining spooky felties.

If you followed the earlier How To you should have 8 felties left, if not, you can see how to make them here.

You’ll need to grab a few items.

DIY FELT Halloween Boo banner

Either hand draw or print out letters to spell BOO.

DIY FELT Halloween Boo template

Cut out template letters, and trace around them on to felt sheets.

Cut them out of the felt.

DIY felt boo

Draw a witches cauldron, large enough that each letter will fit within the cauldron shape.

Draw around the cauldron template 3 times on to felt.

Cut them out.

DIY Felt BOO and cauldron

Glue the felt BOO letters to the cauldron.

DIY Boo Halloween boo

Decorate them.

DIY felt decorated boo

Attach the cauldrons to your ribbon, I put mine in the centre of the ribbon leaving space either side of the BOO.

Either sew, glue or use brads/split pins.

DIY Felt boo on ribbon

Attach the Halloween felties to the ribbon.

DIY Felt Halloween decorations decorated

Use glue to attach some of the Halloween themed decorations to the ribbon.

Now it should be ready to hang up.

DIY boo banner

Hopefully these will keep the boys content until their Halloween Party!