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Seems as though the kids enthusiasm for Halloween is rubbing off on me.

We’ve been spending the past few afternoons making some Halloween decorations for their room, which I must admit I’m pretty impressed with. Where my boys and glue are concerned it could have turned out rather disastrous!!

DIY Felt Halloween felt decorations

I know some of you are crafty minded or maybe you just want something to keep the kids entertain one afternoon, so I’ve written a quick how to.

First up you need to gather a few items.

DIY Felt Halloween decorations what you need_thumb[5]

Halloween felt mobile.jpf_thumb[2]

Decide what spooky felties you want hanging from the mobile. And create some templates, on card if available.

DIY Felt Halloween decorations templates_thumb[7]

Draw around the templates.

DIY Felt Halloween decorations templates drawn on felt_thumb[6]

Cut them out.

DIY Felt Halloween decorations cut from felt_thumb[4]

Using a variety of  decorations, decorate the felties how you wish.

DIY Felt Halloween decorations_thumb[4]

DIY Felt Halloween decorations decorated_thumb[7]

Grab the stick and bakers twine / thread,

DIY Felt Halloween decorations stick and twine_thumb[9]

Cut 8 lengths of twine/thread.

Select 8 felt decorations, {the remaining 8 will be used for the Halloween ‘Boo’ garland}

Secure one end to each felt decoration to a piece of thread/twine.

Tie the ends to the stick.

DIY Felt Halloween decorations attached to stick_thumb[6]

Tie a length of ribbon to each end of the stick.

Hang up the decoration.

DIY Felt Halloween decorations mobile

DIY Felt Halloween decoration

There are still 8 felties to be used, these are perfect for making a Halloween garland, which I’ll show you how to make in another post!

DIY Boo Halloween banner


  1. Love it. How did you draw such a perfect bat and ghost though? !

  2. Love this thanks for the inspiration x

  3. Your works are pretty funny! I followed your blog!
    Carla's http://www.myfelt-carla.blogspot.com


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