Life Lessons ~ Learning The Hard Way

Some people, despite your best efforts must learn things by themselves.

You can offer advice, warn them, get angry and make demands.

But at the end of the day sometimes taking a step back is the best and kindest thing you can do.

They need to experience the pain, whether physical or emotional to realise that yes, mummy does indeed know best.

Which is why after goodness knows how many times I asked Ahren to look where he was going {this is pretty much everyday since he learnt to walk} today I stopped asking.

If the boy wants to walk forwards whilst looking backwards who am I to stop him?

So he carried on walking forwards whilst looking over his shoulder, until he was stopped.

By a rather menacing lamppost.

With the resounding clang, the cry of “Oww my head, it huuuuuurrrrrts”  I tried to muffle my laughter and ensure he was ok I felt it only right to utter those words my mother passed on to me

“Next time perhaps you’ll listen to mummy?”

  • Neither Ahren nor the lamppost were seriously hurt
  • I may have done the ‘I told you so’ dance after I checked he was ok

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  1. There is only so many times we can tell
    Glad he was ok x

  2. Within reason I tried to let mine find out for themselves that yes nettles do sting, NoI cannot get a balloon back. We do all need to test everything but it would b easier to listen to experience.
    Over from Love All Blogs

  3. Oh bless him! I remember when my son did the same - bad mummy giggling!! Glad he was alright xx

  4. Bet you had to really try to stifle that laughter! I do think that letting kids learn their own lessons is best in most scenarios. Overall they just don't listen to us, but they do learn quickly when a lamppost intervenes ;-) #PoCoLo

  5. Oh dear poor lamp post ;-) hopefully A will listen to mummy now.

    A good lesson learnt.

    Jumped over from PoCoLo

  6. Oh dear ..... poor Ahren, but you are right, a hurting head for a little while is better than 100 reminders from mummy!
    happy weekend
    love jooles xxx

  7. i still have this with beth (12) and the last time she hit a bus stop! thought it would stop her but nope :-(

  8. Ow owwww - but that made me giggle a bit :)

  9. Grace never listens to me and tends to find out the hard way. I then explain to her that I am a Mum and don't say things without good reason! I am sure she will learn one day (probably when she has kids of her own!). Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  10. Glad he was OK, but you did the right thing, you can't keep nagging/ reminding forever!

  11. I think he just might now start listening ... and avoiding lampposts.

  12. Glad to hear he wasn't seriously hurt. I can't think how many times I told both of them "look where you're walking, walk where you're looking". It doesn't work usually, but also somehow they manage to escape real harm. Maybe next time I'll try your way :)


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