Making Time…For Every Child

With twins who are like two peas in a pod it can be difficult to get any time with just one of them, and as much as I love the moments when we are together as a family, sometimes I really want to enjoy the uniqueness of them as individuals without them ‘bouncing’ off the other.

I secretly cherish the evenings when one of them can’t nod off to sleep, he’ll come downstairs, snuggle up until sleepy and then return to bed. I’ll get a few precious moments of cuddles without feeling guilty for not being able to hug both.

I don’t even mind when I have to stumble in the dark to their bedroom and sooth one of them back to sleep after a bad dream, I get to have snuggles and read a little story without the guilt of being unable to read two different books at the same time.

Everyday I feel guilty that I can’t do / be everything to both my children; we share, compromise and take turns to ensure neither child is favoured, but it does nothing to ease my guilt.

So this morning when my alarm went off at a ridiculously early hour {for a Saturday} Ahren and I got up and ready to head out and watch the sunrise.

It’s not often I get to hold hands with just one of my boys; most days I have a child in either hand pulling me in different directions, so it was nice to just stroll along chatting nonsense not having to listen to two different conversations at once.

As we headed to the beach Ahren was amazed by the moon and stars, then the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach and birds calling to each other about the goodies they’d found for breakfast.

early morning

We lay on the beach and just watched the sky changing from dark inky black to swirling grey.


We ambled along, chatting about seaweed, falling over and trying to agree on the various colours lighting up the sky as the sun peeked above the clouds.


We clambered over the groynes, jumped down the mounds of stones built up by the tides and ran away from the incoming waves.

We wondered along the pier, amazed by the golden glow of the morning sun, disguising the pro’s and con’s of mini donuts v’s regular sized donuts.

fire light sky

After a while our tummy's were grumbly for breakfast and my caffeine deficiency was becoming critical, so homeward bound we went.

We got back and I was soon being pulled in different directions, having two conversations at once and generally trying to appease them both without showing favouritism.

It’s not easy being a mum to multiples {not that I would change a thing about it} but I think with some mummy and son trips I’ll be able to enjoy both the crazy moments when they seem to bounce off each others personalities and the quieter times when their individual personalities shine through.


Are you a parent? How do you make sure you have quality time with all your children?


  1. Special moments! I think you're right; just savour the quiet alone moments when you can!

  2. That sounds like such a lovely way to spend some one on one time together; I love watching sunrise over the sea.

  3. Beautiful photographs. I can only imagine how hard it is for you to have special time with both of your boys. Mine are two years apart and I feel pulled in two directions. A lively three year old and an extremely relaxed 10 month old mean they both want to do different things. It's quite hard to accommodate both.

  4. My other 2 have grown out of wanting mummy time, so its only usually when one of them is in need of new shoes, shirts etc. That I get to be alone with them.
    Little A never leaves my side! Lol x


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