People ~ Ranty Post

I’ve not done a ranty post for a wee while, but after this week I have to.

The focus of my rant, is people, ordinary everyday people.

The lazy arsed drivers that can’t be bothered to indicate when rounding a corner.

The young lady who cycles her bike on the pavement everyday, {it’s not a cycle path} expecting every pedestrian to step out her way.

The dog owners who hang bags of dog poop in trees instead of putting them in the dog poop bins.

The kids who recklessly race their scooters in the roads weaving between cars.

The impatient commuters who couldn’t wait for us to step off the train before trying to walk through us to get a seat.

The ignorant twats with umbrellas who don’t look where they are going, just blindly expect everyone to move out their way.

The ignorant drivers who are in such a hurry they must drive on the wrong side of the road to over take those cars prevented from moving due to the barrier crossing being down.

The mums pushing their buggies who fail to acknowledge when my children and I step to the side to allow them to pass.

It’s been one of those weeks where I seem overly sensitive to the ignorance, rudeness and self importance of others.

I’m sure I’ve done things this week which have pissed off people.

But I’m in a funk and just wish people could be a little kinder, more considerate and generally a more decent human being who didn’t think the world revolved around themselves.

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  1. Too many people wrapped up in their own little worlds. Nobody cares about anybody else anymore.

    A worthy rant!

    Hope next week is a better one for you though

  2. It seems to be a nation of every man for himself these days. We live in a very touristy area and the ignorance of tourists astounds me on a daily basis. They forget people actually live and work here.

  3. I honestly think sometimes that people are getting worse, in terms of consideration for others, then someone does something nice, and makes it seem a bit better, but there are days when I feel like this too and people just seem to not care about other people and dog poo splatters the pavement!

  4. I bet you feel loads better now. You had me at "People". - The40yearold.

  5. Totally with you here, some people are blind to those around them, there is an expression for this in French "seul au monde" which means "alone in the world" i.e. there is no one else in the world who needs consideration. A very worthy rant!
    Popping over from Mummy Barrow's Ranty Friday.


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