The Week That Was…

….full of ups and downs.


Ethan the silly sausage fell over his feet, resulting in him face palming the pavement, giving mummy a panic attack and leaving Ethan with scrapped knees, cut nose and a bloody swollen lip.


He was fine but left us a bit shaken up, he’s already got scars from his birthmarks he doesn’t need any more!


I woke up with conjunctivitis {aka Manky Monster Eye Disease}!

I spent the day doing a weird winky thing at people as I was trying to focus my eyes, very attractive I assure you.


I arrived at school to pick up the boys only to be told Ahren had been hurt by another child.

Turned out a child in their class was strangling Ethan {who has a restricted windpipe full of scar tissue} Ahren, being an awesome big brother went to stop this, he was then punched in the head and knocked to the floor.

The less I say about this the better, still fuming mad.


Having demanded hubs take the day off so I could sort my eye out I booked a docs appointment which was then lost, another great start to the day {are you seeing a pattern with this week so far…?}

After rebooking an appointment I finally got to see my GP who practically bellowed

“What the bloody hell have you done to your eye?”

Nice, real nice, didn’t make me self-conscious AT ALL!

After discussing my manky eye, we got on to my depression, came out feeling so immensely positive.

Because I was grumpy over my eye yet chirpy about my progress with depression hubs got me a few treats.



My lovely mummy made my day when she sent the boys some pocket money, we decided on new welly boots, they love stomping in puddles and it’s only going to get wetter so seemed an obvious choice!

They stomped in as many puddles as possible on the home…. I may have joined in too!


The station cat came to say hello, last week they asked daddy for a baby sister now they want  cat!


Friday couldn’t have come round quick enough as far as I was concerned.

So when I got caught in not 1 but 2 torrential down pours {naturally I had neither a brolly or coat} I was not a happy bunny.

The morning was somewhat saved by an impromptu trip to Morrisons, their self serve tills have little conveyor belts you drop the coins on to, was ridiculously fun!

The boys finished another week at school, Ahren really made me smile when he ran out the classroom yelling “We had so much fun!” so nice to see that despite the awful start to the week they ended on a positive note.


What better way than to start to day with my little terrors jumping in my bed?!

As they took such delight waking me up at an ungodly hour I decided it was only fair to repay them in kindness, I let them do their home work!

Hubs made the morning slightly more bearable by bringing me pastries, nom nom nom.

We ended the day with Eastbourne Bonfire, it was our first time seeing it all but definitely wont be the last!




Despite the kiddos having a ridiculously late bedtime on Saturday the stinkers were up and clambering in to my bed before 7am!!!

After breakfast in bed I had to face the daunting task of find the boys home work, that stuff is sneaky at hiding!

Being all Martha Stewart~ish I went to hang some laundry on the line and almost walked in to a huge spider web, scared the bejingos out of me, but looked stunning with the sun light reflecting on it.

Once we had all the home work and house work done it was time to hit the park and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.

I sent the boys on a conker hunt, there have been bugger all conkers this year, luckily they were able to nab some before the poxy squirrels stole them all!



 That’s my week so far, still got packed lunches to make, uniforms to iron and probably something else, best get a move on!

More likely I shall be popping over to Hannah’s blog make do and push to see what others have been up to this week!


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  1. Wowza! That sounds like a crazy, and rather stressful week! What a horrid child! Bless Ahren for stepping in though!

    Thank you so much for linking up - I hope next week is less gunky and scary! xx

  2. Oh god your poor boys with the bully in the class. I hope the school are being supportive and have talked to you about what they have put in place to make sure it doesn't happen again. Your boys are lucky to have each other looking out for each other!

    Love splashing in puddles and conker collecting. Brilliant autumn activities I look forward to doing with L next year.


  3. Your weeks are always so busy! Poor Ethan, looked like a nasty fall :(

  4. Argh your pictures make me super jealous with how pretty they are. Ethan is such a brave boy and goooo Ahren for sticking up for him. They really are a credit to you x

  5. Another fun-packed week then! You make such lovely photo collages and the little quotes are brilliant! Your hubs sounds like he's been a diamond this week....I do hope that Ethan has got over his misdemeanor :(


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