The Week That Was..


….wet and miserable.


We awoke to a crazy foggy morning, we get some real doozies here in Eastbourne, today you couldn’t even see to the end of the road!


As we trundled off to school we were amazed my the number and beauty of the spiders webs, one of the best things about kids is how they make you look at things with a fresh perspective.


I received a ‘Classic Baking’ book from Parragon, after some serious internal wrangling I made some Snickerdoodles ~ AMAZING!

The boys ended the day on a ridiculous high as they are having a Halloween school disco, Ahren wants to go as a bat and Ethan as a ghost; because both can fly!


You know how everything and everybody says never to wake a sleeping baby, I felt like a monster when I had to wake up Ethan for school. I know “technically” he’s not a baby, but still, it felt wrong.

8 oct

With the kids in school and a few hours to myself I decided to get some photos of the boys printed and wrote a little letter to my mummy. I do love proper mail.


Hubs did good bringing me a cinnamon whirl, I made it  a smidge better adding my very own maple syrup icing to it, nom nom!


With the boys going Halloween crazy I got them a little treat, some Halloween torches, all kids like torches and the spooky images these project are AWESOME.

9 oct

The boys obviously hadn’t expelled enough energy at school and decided today was Walk Sideways Day, yep, they walked home sideways. Not at all annoying, nope not at all!

I decided to join in with #somum, today it was drawing about parenting moments, amazing results and well worth participating.



Woke up to a horrendous panic attack, I couldn’t even get the kids to school. To say I felt like crap is an understatement.

Not wanting to let the panic attack set me back any more that it had, we went out for a little walk away from the crowds {crowded places are a trigger of mine} the boys enjoyed the fresh air and a run around and I felt at peace.

10 oct

After a rocky start to the day I was blown away by the kindness of others, Ethan and Ahren got chatting to two old chaps, as you do, after having a proper ‘bloke chat’ about walking sticks, checked shirts, socks, boats and running in circles one of the guys gave them a pound each, awwww.


The boys then skipped off and as we were passing one of the sea front cafes Ethan ran inside to say hello, he got chatting to the owner about random nonsense and he gave them a lolly pop each, I went to pay and he waved us off insisting they were free, awwwww!

oct 10

Plan on going back, buying a coffee and leaving a big tip!

We started a few Halloween craft projects, which promptly reminded me why I don’t let my kids near glue!


This day deserved a ‘Do Over’.

Train delayed, raining and discovering their rain coats are more Summer drizzle proof than rain proof!

I then missed my train home, waiting at the station cold I was cold and wet, it was still raining, I was feeling very sorry for myself.

11 oct

I was so bleugh when I got home I could not be bothered to do anything, these school runs are really starting to get to me.

I turned up to pick them up looking like I’d swum the Channel, not a good look.

Getting home sucked, all three us were soaked through, Ethan was crying because he was so cold and wet, poor little sod was shivering and covered in goose bumps.

I may have got a little tipsy once the boys were in bed, there may or may not have been some tipsy Tweeting!


Umm yeah, maybe that last drink was a bad idea!

I may have woken up with a slight hangover.

You know times have changed when you no longer look to see if you drunk dialled anyone, but instead have to check Twitter and Instagram for evidence of your Friday night tipsiness! Thankfully I didn’t do anything embarrassing {can’t remember Facebook details, we’ll just ignore that shall we?!}

12 OCT

We all needed a chill day doing not a lot, which is exactly what we did.

I think the most stressful point of the day was deciding which colour nail varnish to use!

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  1. Honey you are so so creative. I look peeking at your pic on instagram, and it's lovely to see them again here. I particularly love the cobwebs, the foggy morning and the sleeping boy..actually I particularly love all of them! xxx

    1. Ahhh thank you Sweets, you're too kind xx

  2. Wow! What a week!! I love the "I'll snicker your doodle" comment - that's definitely something we'd say in our house haha :)

    I hope you're feeling better after Thursday. Thank you so much for linking up xxx

    1. ahahahaha yes, one day we might consider growing up!
      Thank you, already putting it behind me

  3. Replies
    1. Nope, same time as every year, but stupid school going on about so early means I have to put up with the constant nagging from the kids, may as well make the most of it! We'll be celebrating Easter in a few weeks...

  4. Lovely photos! Drunk tweeting though? Tut tut ;-) We started some Halloween crafts and CK promptly lost interest after about 20 seconds and said that he'd right play fighting instead. Not sure whether to finish them by myself or just admit defeat.

  5. you are awesome in what you do !

  6. My favourite post of the week, as usual. I bet you were still the most stonking mother at the school gates, even smoking wet mwah xx

  7. Sounds like such a tiring week! Everything seems harder when the weather turns poopy, doesn't it?
    I can remember trips to primary school when the cobwebs were like that! My Mum used to make loops from long twigs off our shoomack tree for us to 'pick up' spider webs with from the bushes (the twigs were hairy so the webs stuck well) lol

    If the school run is tiring for you, have you thought of giving yourself an extra fun task to do on the way from dropping them off/to picking them up? (Obviously when you have boys in toe, you've got your hands full, am I right?) Of course you get your starbucks treat but maybe if you gave yourself something you 'could' do on the way home (photography on a theme, leaving a post it with a positive message somewhere on your route home, looking for the letters of the boys names in things you see and taking pics to make picture name plates for them, etc etc) it might distract you from the stress of the school run?

    Am glad your Thursday turned around. It's so good to hear about random people's kindness! :)


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