The Week That Was…

…meh, weird and yay!


This was another Do Over Day.

Ethan fell over at school, cut his gorgeous little nose and got a bruise on his head.

I found out the class bully bit Ahren, leaving marks so deep they needed cold compress treatment, this happened on Friday, beyond pissed off I didn’t get informed until today.

It was also the monthly unveiling of the Tots100 scores.

14th oct

I was bummed when I saw I’d dropped over 200 places, down to 1432 or something. After a few wonderful messages on Twitter and a pep talk to myself I realised I don’t actually care all that much.

I get so much enjoyment from writing and maintaining my blog, I love the interactions it results in and cherish the wonderful people I’ve met through blogging that a ranking number really doesn’t compare to everything else I get from blogging.



Oh Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!

How I hated thee!

15th oct

It started well, I got the kids to school in piece, ran some errands and even did the washing up.

Then like a total doofus I arrived at school over an hour EARLY!

I don’t know how I did it, I blame it on the full moon which is forming.

So I walked the mile and a bit to school, realised I was an idiot, walked the mile and bit back to Sainsburys to buy a coffee and some Tooty Frooties.

I then walked the mile and bit BACK to school to get the kids.

Then walked the mile and a bit back to the train station.

15th a oct

By the time we got home I was so beyond pissed off at myself I had to force myself to eat those Tooty Frooties.

Oh and then Ethan WEE’D in my Converse!

On the plus side I did send a care package to my Adoptee Squaddie, yay me!



I’ve had an actual brain fart and can’t remember much about this day, huh!

16th oct



In typical ‘universe laughing its arse off at Amanda’ fashion, the teachers in East Sussex were striking, except my boys teachers.

Whilst I’m glad my boys didn’t miss a day of school, I could have done with a day off school run duty.

Anyhoo, after dropping them off at school I decided to take a walk along the seafront, it’s amazing how different it is without having the boys with me, forgot how much I enjoy the sound of waves crashing on to the beach. Very calming and restorative.

17th oct

Ethan proved just how weird he is when he handed me a bag of dirty clothes after school. I stuffed them inside my bag thinking he’d either had an accident or got messy during messy play, it never clicked in my head that he had all his clothes on!

We got home and through the plastic I saw pink!

The daft bugger just picked the bag up on his way out the classroom, no reason as to why, he just picked it up!

There isn’t enough icks, ewwws and gah to explain my shudders at carrying around some random persons poop covered clothes.

Moving on…………



…….I then had the enviable task of keeping a straight face as I handed the poopy bag of clothes to their teacher.


Whoop whoop Friday, no rain and kids at school, so what did I do?


I know, a glamorous life isn’t it.

18th oct

I had another walk along the beach, even took a stroll along the pier, it’s looking rather forlorn at the moment. Whilst walking along I got a little freaked by all the cracks, through which I could see the sea!

Another day spent doing housework and laundry, exciting stuff I know! As a pick me up I got one of my favourite festive mugs out, the mug really does make the drinks taste better  FACT!

Feeling a little bleurgh I was glad to finally toodles to Friday and go to sleep.



I think someone switched my kids over during the night.

The little fruit loops ASKED if they could do their homework this morning, we spent a lovely little while going over their letters, writing skills and drawing, still oodles to do but was rather nice to have them taking such an interest.


Nanie and doopa arrived with gifts for the boys.

We decided to brave the rain and headed out to Spring Barn Farm, where the boys had heaps of fun at the indoor play area.

I need to apologise to the chickens; when you ran the boys ran after you, so you ran again, then they chased you, so then you ran…..

19th a oct

But the best part of the day was Buttercup.

Isn’t she adorable, I want one!

Oh and we got our pumpkins all  ready for carving, which I’m ridiculously looking forward to!

Once again I’m linking up with Hannah at Make Do And Push 



  1. I'd love to say something deep and meaningful but the only words I have are to say that I loved reading this x

  2. Gosh - such an up and down week! I can't believed you took someone else's poopy clothes home - your boys are so funny :)

    Thank you so much for linking up again! xxx

    ps don't worry about the Tots100 score - your blog is wonderful and I love reading it, as do so many others; that's what's important xx

  3. Pee in your pumps? Oh my! I hope you realised before you put your feet in them. Tots100 does some great things but I know it can be a little disheartening if your stats go down. Keep on as you are and enjoying it and the score will follow.

  4. I love your blog ignore the tots! Another great post love how you write your weekly round ups!


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