The Week That Was….

…frustrating, panicky and lovely.


Sooo the week kicked off to an adventurous start…we saw a bloke arrested at the station whilst waiting for our train, the nutter was resisting arrest so big befy copper dude maced him, bad man went a bit bonkers and swung a couple of punches, all went a big crazy before he was finally cuffed and taken away.

The boys were a little freaked out, but hey hoo, at least they know the police are the to take care of naughty people {I my have used this to my advantage and told them they would be arrested if they were naughty}.

Due to all the drama at the station we were late, gah! Our first late mark at school.

21 oct

But as a treat to me for our rather hellacious start to the week I got a few treats, hurrah!


Hubs woke with proper full on man flu, in typical ‘man up’ fashion I still made him do the school runs with me.

Going against my constant reminders to the boys not to walk on walls… I walked on a wall! Sounds silly but it was actually rather fun, must remember to do more childish things in the future!


All I need to say about Wednesday is Ethan + bruise, again!

23 oct

oct 23


Whoop whoop to exciting post! Our National Trust pack arrived today, perfect timing for half term!

24 OCT

I went on a bit of a crazy baking day too, nom nom nom.


So impressed with the school this morning, one of the mothers had an epileptic fit in the playground, the staff swooped in and had the children away and an ambulance called with no drama. What could have been a scary moment for youngsters with no idea what was going on was handled so well.

Today was once ‘gah’ moment after another, I lost the money for the boys admitance to the Halloween Disco and their pocket money!

Ahren left it until this morning to tell me what he wanted his costume to be for the Halloween Disco, that would be taking place after school.

I went a little crazy, asked Twitter what to do, and after a few recommendations set to on making a zombie mummy costume.

25 oct


A laundry basket, bandages, torn fabric, sewing and some paints splatters later I had the costume made.

I finished with just enough time to grab a nutella sandwich, my bag and head out to school before realising I’d forgotten Ethans skeleton costume and rushing back to get it before going to get the train.

Of course in a rush I got stuck at the ticket machines behind a bunch of students who couldn’t figure it out, they gave up walked off then tried to sneak back in the queue! I was shocked! Shocked I tell you, doesn’t everybody know that we Brits queue up in an orderly fashion?

Once at school I got roped in to decorating the halls for the disco, was actually kinda fun then went and helped the boys change into their costumes.

Such  relief that Ahrens costume was all good, although kinda surprised that his was the only homemade one!

With over an hour to kill yet not enough time to go back home I took myself off for a walk before going back to collect the kids.

So glad they had a fab time at their first ever school disco.


Ahren and I got up at stupid o'clock to go watch the sun rise, was lovely mummy and son time with my boy.

oct 26

26 oct

We got home and had a perfectly lovely lazy day.


Umm yeah, kinda forgot what happened, the clocks went back which threw me a little, cause ya know, it’s always so unexpected when it happens every year!

27 oct

So that’s another week over with, I’m being an unfashionably late linker upper with Hannah at Make Do and Push , hope over and see what others have been up to!



  1. So love your sunrise pictures xx

  2. Gosh - your weeks are always so busy! The train station incident sounded intriguing! The mummy costume is amazeballs!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xxx

  3. What a lovely post, as always. So much for me to comment on! The pictures are fabulous, especially of your two little halloween munchins! So glad you got to spend some special one on one time with your boy, must be so hard having twins. Hoping your man is now better after that flu ;)

  4. I think the boys' costumes are brilliant, especially the handmade one, you did a fantastic job with it!

  5. Gorgeous photos. Looks like a very busy week :-)


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