Autumn Days On The Coast


Fallen leaves, skeleton trees, berries, pine cones and conkers

Just  few of the words we associate with autumn.

But for those of us lucky enough to live by the coast, autumn takes on a whole new meaning, alongside the traditional autumnal mementos we have those that you can only experience by the coast.

As this week was half term we’ve visited the beach a few times.

The boys are as at home among the woods and trees as they are playing in the surf and clambering over rock pools.

So far this week they’ve played hide and seek between the groynes.

seaside trees 

Made wishes at the Wishing Well.

the holly well

Found and looked at items washed up on the beach.

coastal finds


Climbed up and over rocks.

climbing rocks

Played chicken with the waves…..Ethan lost… soaked…..I laughed so hard I cried!

playing chicken with the waves

Explored rock pools.

lowtide rock pools

Found a new place to hide.

new home!

Watched a beautiful sunset.


Bought some coastal goodies home.

drift wood and seaglass

And then flumped on the sofa to rest.

having a rest

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  1. Oh what gorgeous pictures! We love playing chicken with the waves too. I remember laughing heartily when my son lost ;) You really are a talented photographer xx

  2. Fun at the beach playground, and by the looks of things you were the only ones there! Gorgeous photos of the boys having a fab time exploring and playing. Thanks for linking up and sharing your beach time fun with Country Kids.


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