DIY Felt Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree Garland

I guess it was inevitable, with the stores, advertisers and TV shoving Christmas at us for the past few weeks, that the kids would be asking for decorations, advent calendars and snow.

I’ve managed to hold off until today and decided to help them make some decorations for their room.

DIY felt cookie cutter christmas tree garland

We decided to make a Christmas tree garland, after a few failed attempts at drawing a Christmas tree we were all happy with, I had a brain wave {it was due} cookie cutters!

You can draw around a cookie cutter, using this method you may get a slightly rounded image depending on the type of cutter.

Or, use an ink pad to apply ink to the cookie cutter and then press the cookie cutter on to card, this makes an exact replica of the cutter.

DIY felt cookie cutter christmas tree banner template

Once we had cut out the template, I drew around it several times on to green felt, I then cut these out.

DIY felt cookie cutter christmas tree banner felt trees

The boys then used some glue and buttons to decorate the felt trees.

DIY felt cookie cutter christmas tree banner decorated trees

I wanted this activity to be as child friendly as possible so the kids could do most of it themselves, this meant it needed to be ‘no sew’.

Rather than sewing the trees to the ribbon to make the garland, I decided mini pegs would be a good, child friendly alternative.

DIY felt cookie cutter christmas tree banner ribbon and pegs

The boys clipped each Christmas Tree to the ribbon using a peg.

DIY felt cookie cutter christmas tree banner

I think we’ll wait until 1st December to put the garland up in their bedroom, still seems a little early to be putting up Christmas decorations!

diy christmas decorations


  1. Such a clever idea, I have a Christmas tree cutter. Guess what tomorrow involves! Xx

  2. It's a good idea. I have had in my mind it for a longer time, but all the time I thought to make it of thicker felt or at least sew together two pieces of felt that way t would be more in shape. But yours look easy and fast project, specially for kids!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Greetings from Latvia,


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