DIY Pom Pom Garland

I’m getting excited!

It’s almost time to bust out the Christmas decorations and get the house Christmasified.

diy christmas decorations

I love to add a mix of store bought and homemade decorations to my home, so far I’ve seen little in the stores that interest me so I’ve decided to focus on homemade decorations.

And with my current obsession with pom poms it’s only right I indulge in another pom pom garland.

All you need is some yarn and a pom pom maker.

red yarn and pom pom maker

Make up a bunch of pom poms.

red yarn pom poms

Grab a length of yarn, double it over and place pom poms at regular intervals.

line up pom poms

Tie pom poms to the piece of yarn.

pom poms tied to yarn

Snip off any extra long pieces.

Hang up the pom pom garland.

diy red yarn pom pom garland

Ta dah!

Now you have a lovely pom pom garland, I will be making more of these!

red yarn pom pom garland



  1. Looks great! Going to make one and wrap around the Christmas tree

  2. Yay more pom-poms! They look FAB :D xx

  3. I love them too! I made a garland with mix of blue and light grey pom poms, it looks really great! :)

  4. They look absolutely fab!! Thanks for sharing lovely xx

  5. Lovely simple decoration that I am going to have to copy!


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