Enjoy The Beach, But Please Keep It Clean!

The kids have been eager to get to the beach lately, so I  took them along to see the sunset.

They were soon running around like loons.

beach walking

Building stone collections.

circle of stones

Making pictures in the sand.

drawing in the sand

It was all really good fun, until…..we stumbled across loads of rubbish, items both washed up by the high tides and rubbish left on the beach by lazy people.

paint brush, netting, plastic on the beach

I don’t understand why some people are incapable of throwing their rubbish in a litter bin, or if necessary, taking it home to dispose of.

plastic bottle, plastic, carrot on the beach

Litter bins are placed all along the promenade, there are even recycling bins, there’s really no excuse to leave beer bottles and cans strewn along the beach.

Not only does it look awful, but it dangerous to users of the beach and the sea.

It was a really shoddy way to end what had been a short but sweet trip to the beach.

Our trip was pretty much ruined, I just wasn’t comfortable letting the boys run around in fading light with so much rubbish around.

11 nov

We did at least get to appreciate the changing skies as the sun disappeared, they were amazed at just how quickly it goes from daylight to darkness.

Although it was a ruined trip, it was good reinforcement for my children on the dangers and irresponsibility of littering.

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  1. The beach is such good fun whatever the season, it looks like you had a lovely clear and sunny day. As you say it's a few inconsiderate and lazy people that ruin it for the rest of us. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Great pictures in the sand. We turned up at a beach really early in the morning as the machines went across and it was disgusting how much rubbish we saw them clear away. I'm with you in that I don't understand why people would not just the bins provided.


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