Felt Candy Canes

Whilst I’m house ridden with bronchitis and conjunctivitis {I can’t do anything the easy way} I’ve been making a few more Christmas decorations.

DIY felt candy canes

I decided to go with felt candy canes, which look rather fab if I do say so myself!

These were so simple to make {younger kids may need help with scissors and the tiny bit of sewing involved}, ideal for kids if they want to get involved in decorating for Christmas.

To make the candy canes you need some red {use sticky back red felt if you can buy it} and white felt, and a template of a candy cane, I drew mine on some paper.

DIY candy canes felt and template

Draw around your candy cane template as many times as you want on to the white felt, then cut them out.

DIY candy canes to be cut

DIY candy canes cut from felt

Cut some strips of red felt, these will make the stripes on the candy canes. Use pinking shears for a decorative edge.

DIY candy cane felt stripes

Snip small sections and adhere to the candy canes on the diagonal to make the stripes.

If you haven’t used sticky backed red felt you’ll need to use some glue.

DIY candy canes with stripes

Use whatever you like to decorate the candy canes.

DIY decorated candy canes

DIY decorated candy cane

Sew each candy cane to a length of ribbon.

DIY candy canes sewn on to ribbon

Hang it up!

DIY candy cane garland

DIY candy cane bunting


  1. yes, second that, love them, might even be tempted to take my non-crafty personage off to get some felt & have a go :)

  2. You are such a clever bean! I love these, a fantastic idea =D ktbtw x

  3. I adored these last year and I still adore them this year. I'm going to make some this year, need to buy some posh scissors first though haha! X


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