Neighbourhood Watching

I need to get out more, or possibly less, I can’t decide!

But I definitely need to watch less Dexter and Breaking Bad.

I’m out the house a lot doing the school runs, and walking the same route day after day, I’ve started to notice a few things.

Most of them just boring regular things, but this week things got a little more exciting.

There’s a house with a garage attached, it all looks perfectly normal…except the garage door is and always has been since I started the school run covered in plastic sheeting.

At first I thought nothing of it.


What would Jessie Pinkman do?

Yep, he’d totally wrap a meth lab in plastic sheeting to keep the methy smell in.

Then, whilst I was walking along the sea front pondering the dark and seedy underworld of sleepy ol’ Eastbourne I saw a fishing boat out in the water….with lots of suspicious looking seagulls hovering around it.


Dexter isn’t a logger he’s a fisherman in Eastbourne!!

I was thinking I was getting pretty darn good at this whole crime fighting malarkey or at least detecting it anyway, when I walked past a house that had….it’s windows completely covered in that silver reflective stuff!


Marijuana hot house!

What the fudge nuts?!

When hubs got home I told him all about what I’d seen, of course the boring pooh pooh head had pretty normal explanations for everything, which I suppose make more sense than what I was thinking, not as exciting though.

Unless of course in his spare time he’s a criminal mastermind and is trying to throw me off track, hmmm… now I’m wondering what would Jessica Fletcher do!

I might need to watch some episodes of The Shield to help me figure out what to do, or possibly drink less coffee and stop watch criminal activity based programs.

I’m pretty sure there is nothing illegal going on in either the houses or the boat, just my over caffeinated mind trying to make the school runs a little more exciting.

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  1. lol. I think you need to stop watching Dexter! xx

  2. That's brilliant and made me smile, love it! I'm going to try this on the next school run too :)

  3. Makes things more exciting though

  4. Oh you should watch 'Lie to Me'! That will change the way you look at everybody! Keep up the good crime fighting work. xx

  5. Oh this has made me giggle. But don't give up, never surrender........... Your country needs you! #pocolo

  6. He he, this sounds like me. I also have a habit of watching too much of a good thing. Your mind goes into hyperdrive and the next thing you know, watching the Walking dead has resulted in you mass hoarding food and possible weapons for the impending zombie apocalypse!!!!!! Well ok, maybe im not that bad, but still, you never know.......

  7. I have a very similar imagination to you! As does Ross and in turn, Grace is becoming the same! Love that we are not the only ones. We are getting through season 9 of Greys Anatomy at the moment...hmm.. wonder if I would make it as a surgeon?! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x


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