Ranty ~ The Storm & Self-centeredness

I wasn’t going to say anything, but having just seen another tweet dismissing the impact of the storm that hit parts of the UK earlier this week I just can’t stay quiet.

Most of us escaped unscathed, with little more than disrupted travel journeys, blown over wheelie bins or a few garden items blown about.

Awesome, great, I’m beyond glad that you didn’t have anything worse to deal with.

Sadly not everyone was that lucky.

At least 4 people died and 1 remains missing.

Homes have been destroyed and cars damaged beyond repair.

1000’s of people couldn’t make it to work with all trains in the South East suspended for hours, losing a days pay may not be a big deal to everyone, but to some it is everything.

Flights were missed, interviews and meetings delayed or cancelled; everyday moments that some may take for granted didn’t happen and for some people those missed moments could have far reaching impacts on their lives.

So please, to those who make light of the storms impact, next time you think it’s so damn funny to post a picture of a twig making light of the storm; spare a moment to think of those who have lost their son, daughter, mother, father, brother or sister.

Spare a moment for those who have lost their home and whose possessions now lie in a tangled mess of debris.

Just be a decent human being and pull your head out your self-centred arse and think about others for a change.

I can draw you a map if you need it.

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  1. Fair point well made. I heard the news about those that died and thanked my lucky stars that me and mine are all safe from harm. #RantyFriday

  2. Thank you for saying this. One of those killed is the daughter of one of my son's teachers at his tiny village school.


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