The Week That Was….

….loved by my feet.

Half term baby!

If feet could orgasm mine would have done so this week with the break from the relentless school runs!


My first day with my babies all to myself {kinda} and we did NOTHING!

oct 28

Hubs couldn’t get to work as all train were cancelled so a nice lazy family day.


Umm another brain fart day, pretty sure we just made a mess, ate cake and or chocolate digestives and umm read their school books!

29 oct


Hubs had the day off so after I managed to drag myself out of bed, inhale some coffee and throw some clothes on we took the boys out to the beach.

climbing rocks

seaside trees

Not sure if we were feeling brave or stupid but we took the boys down to where all the rock pools are, as it was low tide we were able to spend ages clambering over rocks, finding some beachy treasures and generally enjoying being outside.

the holly well

On the way home the boys decided they’d walked too far and pretty much moaned the entire way home!

coastal finds


Ohh Halloween!

We decided to have a crafty day making tp mummy monsters and getting a start on a leafy banner. I finally succumbed to pressure and started getting out some Christmassy things, ignore anyone who tells you I didn’t actually put them all away back in January, he just doesn’t understand!!

oct 31

The boys decided to help with the washing up, not sure why they had to be naked, but umm hey ho!


Another day at the beach which saw Ethan soaked, me laughing so hard I cried and Ahren pointing to something in a rather dramatic fashion!

1 nov

Hubs proved he knows me sooo well and got me a reindeer on his way home. It wasn’t a real one so he loses out on ‘Awesome Man Points’ but it was a good effort!

nov 1


Today I went Housework Crazy.

Needless to say all my hard work was ruined after about 30 minutes.

nov 2

The boys played with the Wii Fit……hilarious! They have terrible coordination, no sense of direction and turn the most simple things in something of epic proportions.

Hearing their daddy encourage them by saying ‘flap, flap, flap…..flap big’ was a bit weird.


So, that’s another week done, I enjoyed having my boys with me so much I just just know Monday is going to be hard.


The walking is going to suck.

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  1. What a beautiful capture of your week and how great to get to the seaside :-) Your boys are adorable x

  2. It sounds like you had an awesome half term!!! Lots of time on the beach and I love the reindeer :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx


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