The Week That Was….

..full of fireworks, a pirate and flu.


Today was a day of kindness.

I saw a little old lady trying to carry a desk she’d just bought from a charity store down the road, the thing was almost as big as her! I offered to help and then proceeded to carry it down the road to her car, in the rain! Good karma points.

5 nov

The lollypop lady, who is pretty fab, gave the boys a lollypop each.

One of our neighbours gave the boys some sweeties, she’s a doll!

And Sheeba bought them a rather fabulous bobbly pencil each for their homework!


All I have to say about today is…it took 3 hours to do the afternoon school run, standing in the cold for so long really sucked.

nov 6

But we did talk to a pirate on the train home which was kinda cool.


Ahren woke up at a ridiculously early hour all shivery with sweats, mini man flu!


There was no way I was going to drag Ahren out to drop Ethan an school so ended up keeping them both off, not ideal but really no other choice, frustrating!


I had a docs appointment booked which I really couldn’t miss, mama with no meds is not good for anyone, so with boys bundled up and Ahren dosed on Calpol, Vics and extra vitamin C off we went.

nov 7

So glad we did, doc said I was well enough to switch to appointments every 2 months on the proviso that I go back if I start feeling wobbly. Yay me!

The boys had a little run a round on the beach on the way home, even when ill you need to stretch your legs, but Ahren was soon flagging and it was time to get him back home.

7th nov

We came home to happy post, always a great thing!

The rest of day was spent giving lots of snuggles, poor Ahren really doesn’t understand why he feels so awful.



Pesky kids kicked me out my bed at stupid o’clock in the morning so they could watch Peppa Pig!

I love them like crazy, but that was taking the micky!


Blankets, snuggles, nutella, calpol and coffee were our life force today.

I decided to host a little giveaway, enter here!


Once again Ahren woke up with sweats and chills, poor baby.

I spent the day keeping Ahren hydrated and Ethan busy enough to leave his brother alone to rest.

Train tracks are amazing, not sure who has more fun, me or the boys!


Having decided that the boys and I had had a sufficiently crappy week I thought I’d make a vanilla and cinnamon cake, because cake makes everything better. So there I was mixing up stuff, cracked an egg in the mix and to my horror…blood and ‘stuff’ came out the shell SPLAT bang in the middle of the mixture.

After 10 minutes stood in shock I finally freaked out to a suitable level.

We decided the best way to get over the trauma was to have Christmas biscuits.


Today started at 1am when a little voice called out “can I have some juice please?”, after Ahren has a drink he snuggled up in our bed and snored like a snorey thing!

For a small human, he sure does take up a lot of room.

nov 9

I was able snatch bits of sleep between loud snores and hands flailing around, finally at 6am Ethan decided to join us.

My mum, sister and niece came to visit, bringing yummy gifts and lots of catching up.


Hubs was sick in bed “man flu” so I decided to take the boys for an afternoon stroll on the beach, the boys were freaked at how quickly it got dark!

11 nov

They obviously knackered themselves out as they both fell asleep before 6!

Despite there being a few low points in the week it still rather lovely.

the best part of our week

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  1. I LOVE the way you have done your photos. Looks so good with the writing in between. Sorry about the flu, we have had it here too, grim stuff, hope he's better? Sounds like your doctor visit was a good one too!
    3 hour school run?? YIKES! I'd need wine and a lie down!

  2. I really love your photos and how you do them :) Really hope your little boy starts to feel better soon, poor thing! Well done to you on your appointment, much love xx

  3. I love how you find the silver linings in even the toughest sounding of weeks! Your school run is rediculous and I am assuming a contributing factor in A's illness this week? And a shame that E has to miss school but lovely for the three of you. X


  4. Aww poor Ahren! :( It sounds like you've had a very busy and active week despite the flu.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  5. That was a fab round up of your week, love the last photo, but I think you mean Pesky Peppa Pig, she & Dorge (as he is known as here) are requested ad infinitum, but I guess I'll miss old Peppa when this phase is over??

  6. Hope Ahren is feeling better. Despite the illnesses it's looks like you've had a lovely week in pictures

  7. Hope all the bugs have left your household now, not nice at all. There's a lot of snuggling going on your house right now- cute! As usual another lovely round up, just hope this week is less sickly! xx

  8. Wow, you really did have your fair share of sickness last week :((( So glad that you're feeling so much better though and as always, lover your piccies and design :)


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