The Week That Was

…..umm easily forgotten!

You know those weeks where you kinda forget almost everything you’ve done, well this week was definitely one of those!


3 Boys at home with Boy / Man Flu.

Absolutely nightmare, between the 3 of them I was ready to have myself committed.


I was so loopy loo I ended up building the boys a giant penis shaped railway track, bad mama!

But I made it up to them with Christmas cookies, good mama!


The boys went to school and oh my gosh they had their first ever official school photos!

Haven’t seen them yet, but I’m so ridiculously excited!

12 nov

Hubs proved how much he lubs me with a huge jar of Nutella, who needs flowers?!

I found a cheaters way to make pom poms, this made me ridiculously happy.

Oh and joy of joy I come down with an ear infection.


Another brain fart day, I do know I went for a walk along the beach, if not for the freezing cold temperatures you’d have thought it was the middle of Summer.

13 nov


I earned more good mama points when I gave the boys their Lego magazine!

I was forced, forced I tell you, to get out some Christmas decorations when I needed a shoe box for my latest Adopt a Squaddie box. Now I have to put up the decorations, I mean there isn’t any point in putting them away!

14 nov

The boys got their cute on, just look at the adorableness!


A day of pain, my ear was causing all types of upset today, yay for hubs who can take care of things.


Yay for nanny and doopa.

We saw the Out Laws today, which is always nice.


We all went for a walk to the park, which was umm interesting.

There was a dead bird with no head, I may have screamed and ran away.

A crazy flock of pigeons kept swooping over head, thankfully there was no bird poopage.

16 nov

A random dude walked in to the park with a cat…..put the cat on the ground…..and walked out leaving the cat behind!

nov 16

They gave us our Christmas hamper {squeeee} and set up Skype so they can chat to the boys on Christmas morning, must remember to make myself presentable instead of my normal fuzzy haired, pj clad sleep deprived self!


I’m linking up with Hannah over at Make Do and Push pop over to have a nosey at what others having been photoing this week!



  1. Other than the man/boy flu it sounds like you've had a wonderful week! I can't even face getting Christmas decorations out yet!!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  2. The boy/man flu is grim. I hope they are on the mend! The penis shaped train track made me laugh so much I nearly spat out my wine! :)

  3. Boo to the flu and ear infection, hope your on the mend.. Looks like you have had a busy week though! Your boys are just the cutest!

  4. Hope your boys are better soon. Lovely train track haha!! Lots of lovely photos again especially the last onex

  5. Hope you're all better soon love!! Your boys are real cuties :) Your pics are always so lovely xx


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