The Week That Was….

….full of good deeds.


I kicked off the week by sending a rather festive care package to our adoptive squaddie.

I couldn’t help it, I did a little Christmas shopping, got some bits for the boys and some cute tea lights for me.

18 NOV

My happy mood was somewhat ruined when the neighbours began taking down the plaster on their living room walls, they do this every year!

I got chatting to the builders working for them, seems they have water flowing under their wall which is now starting to seep through to us!!!


The builder is recommending how to fix it to them, just hope they listen!


I’ve been looking into volunteering, but haven’t found one that I can either fit around the kids or really pulls at me if you know what I mean, so I visited the Volunteering Champions to get more info.

19 nov

Not sure what I was thinking but I took the boys to the park after school, it was soooo cold!

I started making pom poms, which is seriously addictive!


I finally got round to announcing the winner of my little give away.

We had mince pies and brandy cream after dinner, soooo good! Christmas can officially begin!

20 NOV

Ethan got all adorable, more than normal which is a lot! After kicking me out of my bed, I finally got him tucked up in his own bed where he fell asleep holding my hand, awwww!


Late for school! Not sure what happened between leaving the house and arriving at the station, but we missed our train.

I took myself off for a walk along the beach, my anxiety levels were going through the roof, what with the kids being late and the crazy shoppers already out for their festive bargains I needed sometime away from people.

21 nov

Continuing the week of good deeds I sent off the Tilda book and bought and posted a pom pom maker to the lovely Rhia.

I got my craft on in the evening making a pom pom fairy light garland, I love it!


Today was spent looking for a card.

Do you know how almost impossible it is to buy a card that isn’t a Christmas card this time of year?!

I just wanted a card, not birthday, Christmas or sympathy.

A ‘sorry you’re going through a shit time’ kinda card, with glitter if possible.

Could I find one? No, no I couldn’t.

I did however buy these Advent activity books for the boys, oh my gosh am I excited about these!

22 nov

I obviously hadn’t had my quota of crazy for the week and AGAIN agreed to take the kids to the park after school.

Cold doesn’t even begin to describe how it was, of course the boys wearing thermal t-shirts, school polo shirts, school jumpers and thick coats didn’t notice. Mama wearing a t-shirt and hoodie did notice this, brrrrrr!

I did however get to see a beautiful sunset, ahhh gotta love those silver linings!


I had a glorious lay in, I wont tell you what time I finally dragged myself out of bed, but teenagers would have been jealous of my dedication to the zzz’s.

The boys weren’t feeling too good so we kept them indoors bundled up and cosy, they’ve never had so many bugs I blame it all on school. We’re probably keeping Kleenex in profit with the amount of tissues we buy!

23 nov

The boys and I got a bit Christmas crafty, they are so eager for the tree to go up, open their Advent calendars and for snow to fall, they really do take after me.


I don’t usually mention Sunday’s but Ethan woke himself up coughing and then got himself in a state when he couldn’t find his teddy bear. So now it’s 5:45am, Ethan and I have been up for and hour and half and I can confirm that Peppa Pig is even more annoying at this ridiculous time of the day.

Oh and if that wasn’t a crappy enough way to start the day, a damn spider lowered itself from the ceiling right down next to us, Ethan screamed, threw the spider at me, I scream, jumped up and flapped my arms around in a really effective way, scooped up the spider on a piece of paper and then realised he was really bloody fast and threw the paper and spider in the kitchen before launching myself across the living room to get back to the sofa, because we all know the sofa is the one place the spiders can’t get you!

And we still can’t find the bloody teddy bear!


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  1. A lovely capture of your week together. Love the activity advent calendar, what a great idea! I hope you come across the teddy bear soon :) x

  2. Wow what a busy week and not a great start to Sunday. I'm a new visitor and love your blog. Will be back!

  3. Hope the spiders keep away! Love the pom pom fairy garland.

  4. Gosh your week always sounds so jam-packed!! I hope today has improved? I do love the felt garland - so pretty!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  5. I LOVE the pudding tea lights. How clever. Adopted squaddie? That sounds like a wonderful thing to do!


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