Decorating Store Bought Cookies ~ No Baking Required!

Sometimes you just have to cut corners and find an easy way to do something.

So when the kids wanted to do some baking and decorating we had to come to a compromise.

All 3 of us have been suffering from a horrid cold / flu thing, and I doubted any of us would have the patience to make, bake, cool and then decorate anything without there being a full blown melt down.

Our comprise… decorate store bought cookies!

Still fun, less time consuming, a tiny bit les messy and they still get to eat something yummy at the end.

Win Win!

decorating store bought cookies no baking required

We used a package of Christmas tree shaped short bread cookies, melting chocolate and Christmas sprinkles.

I melted the chocolate.

melting chocolate ooey gooey melted chocolate

Then the kids took over and dipped the cookies in the melted chocolate then in to the sprinkles.

{This will get messy}

christmas cake decorating sprinkles

They popped the cookies on to a cooling rack to allow the chocolate and sprinkles to set.

cookies deccorated in chocolate and sprinkles

They love icing almost as much as they love cake, so we also made up some vanilla icing, coving the cookies in icing then dipping them in the sprinkles, before allowing to set on the cooling rack.

vanilla icing

Once they’re set, they were ready to eat.

Other than helping melt the chocolate, the boys were able to these by themselves, they were so proud of their ‘baking’.

decorated short bread cookies ready to eat


  1. Good idea! Would be great as a party activity too.

  2. Making them looks so much fun! Very yummy too :)

  3. What a great idea. I really like how you set up the cookies, mixing some of the decorated ones and leaving some plain. Looks pretty and festive.

  4. I just found your blog and what a good surprise ! It's an amazing blog, beautiful ! I'll will come back ! :D


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