Differing Opinions

I must admit I had a slightly different idea for a post celebrating the New Year, but hey ho!

Two topics have been clogging up my time line, compensation for power cuts and the strike by the fire brigades this New Years Eve.

I don’t want to get in to an argument over who is right or wrong on these topics, at the end of the day we are all entitled to an opinion, and each of our opinions are just as valid as the next persons, that is one of the joys and benefits of living in the UK, our entitlement to an opinion.

We don’t need to get nasty, there’s no need for name calling or spouting out hateful, shameful words.

As educated adults we should be able to put across our opinion without resorting to playground tactics.

As with every situation try putting yourself in the position of the ‘victim’ whether it’s a person who has gone 5 whole days without power trying to feed, keep warm and house a family or a fireman facing station & personnel cuts, reduced wages & pensions whilst expected to respond to an increasing number of emergency call outs.

I’ve been neither of these individuals, and for that I’m thankful.

I have no idea how I would try to keep my family, warm, fed and safe without power; we have no family local and no friends who we could realistically dump the 4 of us on to. So yes, if I’d had to pony up the cash to pay for a hotel to stop my children from becoming ill due to the low temperatures I would probably turn around to the power company and say

“As a resident of a developed country, which pioneered the industrial revolution and has the worlds 6th largest economy I don’t expect some wind and rain to render a national power company incapacitated for 5 days at one of the coldest times of year, here’s my hotel bill, Happy New Year”

Likewise to those bemoaning the fire service for choosing today of all days to strike I would say

“I would be pushed to enter a burning building for anyone but my children.

A stranger, someone who possibly has created the inferno in which they burn due to their own negligence and stupidity, hah, no chance.

If I was a brave sole who decided fire fighting and rescue were my calling, then it’s a different story, but start taking away my safety net of colleagues, equipment and yes my pension, because lets face it, they can’t haul arse out of burning buildings at 60 like they can at 28, then to you I say, screw you. Cut yourself out the mangled car with inadequate tools, respond to a blazing inferno with 2 less fire trucks than normal and enter a burning building with no one at your back”

We can’t be expected to pay for a service and then be penalised when we complain that we haven’t received it.

Likewise we can’t expect a service and complain when those who provide it expect to be paid a decent wage, with adequate tools.

But as I say, these are just my opinions, and no better than yours.

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  1. Very well said! Dropping over from #PoCoLo. So love the name of your blog too. I'm also from the city and now living in a small cottage by the sea in North Cornwall :)

  2. Great post well said my lovely :) I think it is so important for services to understand that whilst we understand that the elements are not at fault, they could do their best to offer good customer service! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  3. I love this post. So honestly written :) I do wish that the services would be better with customer service - despite the fact that it is not their fault when the elements hit! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x


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